Doctors saved the life with the with the inject of alcohol

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According to Fox News, the injection of alcohol in the heart during a heart attack can save a man's life, that proved a British doctors from the cardiology clinic of Bristol. As reported, the 77-year-old patient have a ventricular tachycardia, in which the patient's heart rate may suddenly increase to 200 beats per minute, which can lead to death. According to Dr. Tom Johnson, because standard treatments do not help, doctors from the Heart Hospital in Bristol decided to burn one of the heart muscle, which causes an increased heart rate, by direct injection of alcohol into the heart of the so-called ethanol ablation: to patient introduced a catheter into an artery groin, drove him to heart and applied to one of the muscles of the heart a little absolute alcohol (99.8%), as a result of this- now a muscle do not cause an increased heart rate, heart rate returned to normal and the patient a three days later returned to home, THE VIDEO: ... heart.html

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yes! i knew my drinking was doing me gud, :flop:

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