Does homosexuality have to be an evolutionary dead end?

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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 2:24 am » by NamelessGhoul


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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 3:39 am » by Toxic32

Chaindrive wrote:Will some of you get off this "god" crap... DAMN!..

YEAH RIGHT.... Im sure "god" is so completely worried about a few bipedal ape like creatures on a small insignificant planet in a obscure galaxy that sits way out in the boondocks of the universe... I more then positive "IT' has other things FAR more pressing that requires "ITS" attention then something so trivial that "IT" would give you a serious look if you even brought it up.

As for this "aids" thing... it was completely constructed in a lab, deep in a mountain by a brown noser trying to gain a few brownie points to his superiors... this is a fact (at least genetically speaking).

And yes its been pointed out, but Ill bring it up again... the Nazis under the rein of adolf hitler also had this problem... he wanted blonde hair, straight teeth, defected free people for his beloved germany... and let me ask you... how did that turn out anyway...?

And now... well... lets all play "GOD" sense we all know far more then they did back in the 1940s.. A custom made human in a off the rack world....all I can say is "good luck"... itll backfire beyond measure...

And trying to figure out in ones little brain just what causes this... well.. I think the criminal element is going to take a far higher priority then somebodys "unusual sexual" practices...

And "IF" anybody wants to continue with this sheer goofness of using the bible as a weapon to post whatever the hell theyre trying to do.... lets go this way.... and I bet you $500.oo that NOBODY can give a straight answer... ready....? Ive tried over and over and over... they just change the subject or spew something that has nothing to do with the answer that I demanded..

Lets start with Genesis Chapter 4, okie dokie.?

The players:

Adam.. first man
Eve.. first woman
Kane... son #1
Able.. son #2 (whichever was born first.. dont care)

Once upon a time...... life was whatever.. and god saw that he favored able over kane.. time and time again... so much so that kane got extremely jealous over it and decided to do something about it... so one day kane killed able..


Ok... explain this..... whos left... Adam... Eve... and kane... 3 humans on the entire world... nobody else... ok smart asses how do YOU explain the 7,056,272,740 humans on it right now...?


Did they come from another planet...?

Did they come through a membrane from another dimension..?

Its could ONLY be ONE answer and ONE answer ONLY... prove me wrong with something real and dont be spewing something out if that book... cause its NOT going to fly with me... sorry.

Would you like to give you the answer and to what the bible is actually publicly and fully disclosing in what really happen..????

Thats right jump and down and waving your arms like a raving lunatic screaming... "Heretic...Blasphemer!!!"

:hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm: :hmmm:

Ok... lets go farther back, to just adam....

In Genesis, God fashions Adam from dust and places him in the Garden of Eden, where he is to have dominion over the plants and animals. Eve is later created to be his companion.

But you know its NEVER explained just how much time there was before eve popped into existence do they.????

Ok... adam is all alone in the garden of eden, laying on a hill chewing on a piece of grass... ok obviously all the animals know what to do and how to do it... so one day adam is sitting there watching the whole thing right in front of him... hes feeling lonely without another to try what the animals are doing...

Wanna guess what adam started doing right there in the middle of the garden of eden and with who, or should I say (more accurately) with what.?

By this time "god" was looking down in the garden and said "WHHHOOOAAA" better fix this and fast... finally here comes Eve to the rescue...

So frankly.. I absolutely NO idea where this "adam and steve" crap came from....

I could on.. but you get the idea.....

Well put. :clapper:
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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 6:29 am » by Kaarmaa

Richard Dawkins on how the gay gene could have been preserved

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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 6:43 am » by Iwanci

Homosexuality as in 'same sex intercourse' is by definition an evolutionary dead end, IMO.

However, when a homosexual male decides to use his sperm to impregnate a female egg to produce a baby, this act (whether done directly into the vagina, or in a test tube) falls outside the realm of true homosexuality. My thinking, if the homosexual male has sex with a female simply for the sake of making a baby, then it is not a homosexual act that they performed, the question is voided at this point. If they use the sperm of a homosexual male to impregnate a female egg in a test tube, then this too falls outside homosexuality as there is no sexual act, the question again is voided.

The greater question .. 'what if all men refused to have intercourse with women and also refused to make their sperm available for impregnating females?' .. then YES this would be an evolutionary dead end.
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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 3:44 pm » by Kaarmaa

Chaindrive wrote:Aw HELL... "I" myself just used the bible.... somebody SHOOT me QUICK! :bang; :lol:

Your wish is my command!

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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 4:43 pm » by The57ironman

Kaarmaa wrote:
Chaindrive wrote:Aw HELL... "I" myself just used the bible.... somebody SHOOT me QUICK! :bang; :lol:

Your wish is my command!


......kill me now... :obsessed:

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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 4:43 pm » by Poooooot

WillEase666 wrote:Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of written history and no doubt before that.
Evolution didn't eliminate homosexuals so the answer is no.

As far as homosexuality being a physical act with the purpose of satisfaction, this has also been going on forever too apparently...even in the animal kingdom... ... nimal.html


WillEase666 wrote:
Slith wrote:Was that a response to me Will? :headscratch:

No. It was directed towards anyone who uses the Bible to condemn homosexual behavior,
particularly 'masteruniverse' and his rant... :vomit:

:clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

Will, I'm not sure if you care or not, but you just earned mad props in my book. :flop:
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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 5:36 pm » by Phaeton

No, it doesnt have anything to do with [micro] evolution imo.
Yes, its a dead end for our race. And the reasons for that are not limited to procreation issues.
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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 5:52 pm » by Noentry

Homosexuality has been around since written history at least.
Yet the population has grown exponentially
Is Homosexuality growing? Or is it because the modern world has accepted it as a norm and gay men are more willing to reveal themselves?

I know a few straight fathers who have gay sons.
Twins are a good example.
In many cases one is gay one is not.
I also know some married men who are so effeminate and obviously gay, that really they are only fooling themselves.

Sexuality and love have no boundaries, but those we impose on ourselves.

In the end evolution will negate homosexuality as gay men are less likely to father a child.
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PostTue Dec 04, 2012 6:08 pm » by Slith

Noentry wrote:
In the end evolution will negate homosexuality as gay men are less likely to father a child.

In a natural evolution, maybe. We aren't evolving naturally anymore though. We have become experiments again. The cycle is repeating itself


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