Does Obama deserve credit for Osama's death?

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PostTue May 03, 2011 2:56 am » by Hybridtheory

ralp817 wrote:Do you Dtv posters know it is possible to manifest cancers in your body because of your negativity? Jeez, he releases his birth certificate, you all say it's fake, kills the worlds most hated man and you so called liberty seekers or patriots can't take day off of hating to congratulate him. I honestly didn't like bush because of things like the patriot act and crazy but It wasn't hard to convince me when he did something good. I also didn't like Obama because I listened to you crazies, but after a couple of years I realized that he was no where near what you all claim. My last words before completely erasing this site from my life is this, if you keep crying wolf nobody would listen to you when a wolf actually attacks. Close your eyes when Obama is on tv, I promise he won't sound as bad as you think.

no he releases his birth cert, its proven fake!
he releases info about osama thats been proven fake!
he releases a photograph of him thats proven fake!
he backtracks on the photo.
He plays a "birth video" on tv and laughs in your face..
he prob even smokes that fake weed you can order out hightimes to..

obama is a cancer that spreads cancer to the american public via chemtrails and made funny comments about area 51 etc..shit we know for a fact is real, true and fact
hes running this counrty into the ground by being a industrial puppet.
a crook a con , and lowlife.
he will get the vote regardless if everyone ran out and voted for dicktrickle..time has easily shown the money hand always wins..elections in this country are a joke !

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PostTue May 03, 2011 2:56 am » by Stratafire

the57ironman wrote:hey strat ...can i copy one of your posts to send to the 912 project ?

Sure.. go for it..

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PostTue May 03, 2011 2:59 am » by The57ironman

stratafire wrote:
the57ironman wrote:hey strat ...can i copy one of your posts to send to the 912 project ?

Sure.. go for it..

thanks.....the "off the soap box" post was very good... :cheers: know it's autumn in New England
....when you have to run your air conditioning and heat...
in the same day..

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PostTue May 03, 2011 3:06 am » by -Marduk-

Does Obama deserve credit for Osama's death?


it was Obamas "Trump" card! :twisted:

-= PREDESTINATION: Itz hard to be ze good guy when you turn into a fucking gun =-


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