Does the BP oil spill fulfill Biblical prophecy?

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PostSat Jun 19, 2010 4:15 am » by Rawdney

BradWatson. Although I don't agree with your way of thinking, nor do I believe in the Bible or Jesus being the son of God...... I like your style. Stay true to your beliefs.

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PostSat Jun 19, 2010 10:43 pm » by Bradwatson

rawdney wrote:nor do I believe in the Bible or Jesus being the son of God


Pardon me for asking, but you brought it up. Why don't you believe in the Bible? Is it that you believe in some of it? Have you considered that Genesis is the story of extraterrestrial intervention? (Read Chapter 6 with that in mind.) Jesus was the son of Joseph. Mary was not a virgin - that is both a mistranslation of the Hebrew from the Book of Isaiah. Hebrew scripture states "young woman" which is how it is translated into Jewish-English Tanaks. Alexander the Great was mythologized as being born of a virgin with Zeus being his father. The Jesus son of God / born of a virgin myth replaced that one. Personally, I'm glad it did! Alexander the Great was a cruel, murderous tyrant.

I consider myself 'omni-religious: Jewish-Christian-Muslim. However, out of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, Jesus is the only one that didn't kill anyone. Do you believe in that?

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PostSat Jun 19, 2010 11:04 pm » by Rahkriga

muchtyman wrote:Here's a Couple for ya .

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
Mark 13:7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.

Still a while to go then . :cheers: a point in time when there werent rumors of cant. Thats like me saying in the year 2500, there will be rumors of conspiracy around the government. As long as there IS government...there will be conspiracies. Is that predicting the future or just stating the obvious?

When I read rev 8, its clear to me that knowledge of the Earths geology was minimal. To say "the sea", as if there is only one sea, proves this. Plus, it is also said that man wont know the when the end times comes. Is that a false statement in the Bible? It must be, because you guys think you know the end is near.

I just dont get how you can throw away some bible verses, and keep some to fit a certain concept, when the verses you throw away actually negate the concept your tying to fit the bible to.

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PostSun Jun 20, 2010 12:17 am » by Stone069

Brad, you claim to have studied "The Bible" for 42 years. You act as though the Bible is one book. How well do you know the history of that "Book"? Considering that the bible is a compilation of many books, written by many authors, at many different points in history. It was then compiled by "Constantine", a roman emperor. When you studied the bible which version did you read? Did you include all the gnostic books also or just what Constantine and HIS priests had decided was worthy of inclusion. You seem to take the word of the bible as FACT. Did you consider that the books "allowed" into the "Bible", were chosen by men, not god. If we take every story that starts with "God told me to write this down", then I assume you will be quoting David Koresh next, since he claimed to be the second coming. Just as those authors of antiquity have claimed that God spoke directly to them and told them to write it down. Koresh as well as others have claimed that god speaks directly to them, and told them to do the things they did. OR is it just because the books of the bible are so old that they have to be right?

I admit I have not studied the bible for 42 years, nor did I speak at length with a priest about it at the age of eight. (REALLY?) Nor have I read the koran. I do know that the message compiled by Constantine, has a ton of historical truth to it, as do many modern books. I also believe in the message portrayed by the bible. I do not believe that the bible is 100% fact. I do not believe that books written up to as many as 200 years after Jesus Christ lived, can have a true transcript of Jesus word, ever played telephone? If twenty people in one room cannot get a single sentence correct after passing it among them, I find it truly unbelievable, that a story passed by word of mouth, over 200 years, with each persons personal agenda influencing it can be attributed to be the actual words of one Jesus Christ.

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PostSun Jun 20, 2010 7:53 am » by Willease

If you want to believe that this is it, then they won. They the rulers of this God forsaken planet. Or forsaken by the tribes of Israel who don't know who they are. From then on we ran away from our Lord and maker. The irony is we would prefer not to know. Most of us couldn't imagine life without this before us...cyber bull shit.

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PostSun Jun 20, 2010 8:04 am » by Iwanci

NO!!! BP fills the ‘greed’ and ‘profit at any cost’ prophecy, not to mention the ‘shit, we f%#&ed up’ and the ‘wish I didn’t get out f bed today’ prophecies.

There are no religious ties in this disaster.

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PostSun Jun 20, 2010 1:13 pm » by Thesaint

stone069, there is no getting away with what you wrote. Well said, I just don't get why everyone does not see the same collectively. It may be chemicals in the brain (I'm serious) It makes no sense to me that the same people who would need some sort of corroboration when it comes to ANY OTHER written word before they would put their faith in it believe something that's at best an interpretation (and one that's been altered and dissected for effect).
Even though it's out there that there are many gospels missing such as Judas, Mary M, etc etc it boggles the mind to think that people follow it when in any other circumstance it would be questioned or put on the back shelf as fiction. How can a human being see that when another religion say Buddhism is just as real to Buddhists as the Bible is to a Christian, why does that not let them see themselves as possibly wrong and flawed. Religion in all it's forms will be seen just as silly as the people in the past thinking that Cholera was breathed in by the fog instead of deceased drinking water. I hope that this will be the case as the arrogance of people who think that THEY are on the right track while all other forms of religion are wrong, this just goes beyond stupidity.

There is no excuse for this arrogance as history, as we no it, tells us that nearly everything we though was real and proper was actually wrong, but we still do not learn and rather than having an open mind some people are as closed as we ever where. Pathetic. IMO

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PostTue Jun 22, 2010 3:23 am » by Stone069

I just don't get it when people try to claim that the bible prophesy is so accurate. Please correct me if I am wrong but aren't most of the prophecies that are claimed to be correct, only confirmed, in the bible? Basically, the bible says this will happen, then later, the confirmation of the prophesy is in a later story of the bible. Such as prophesies of the savior, in the old testament, then, in the new testament, Jesus appears. where else is the prophesy and where else is the confirmation.

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PostTue Jun 22, 2010 3:44 am » by Nibirutracker

This is the seventh sign of the hopi end times prophecy ........
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PostTue Jun 22, 2010 8:50 am » by Iwanci

There is no doubt that some prophecies make us stop and reflect. No doubt that some are so accurate that they beg belief. However, after many years of changing between belief and skepticism and back again, I have developed my own theory on prophecies. We are all prophets.

My challenge to ALL of you, ANY of you.

Step 1/- Sit down, relax, clear your heads.
Step 2/- Chose a current broad based topic – for example, the evils of the monetary system, religious doctrine, the fight between good and evil (as you see it) etc – it doesn’t matter which side you agree with.
Step 3/- Give this topic some serious thought, where you think it started, how it has affected people, and where you believe it will end, do some research (basic or in-depth doesn’t matter).
Step 4/- Write down your prediction (prophecy) – what do you think will be the likely outcome if things do not change or indeed if things do change.
Step 5/- Repeat the above steps on several other broad based topics.
Step 6/- Go about your daily lives and forget you ever did the exercise because you will likely never know the results.

My guarantee: Given enough time, one of your prophecies/predictions is bound to be proven accurate in some form.

In my opinion prophecy is nothing more than broad prediction. Given a good 200, 2000 or more years some part of any prediction will have some validity at some point in time in some circumstance in some part of the globe. Now, the fact is that the longer the time lag, the greater the chance that whoever will read your prediction will note some strangeness in your writings because the world as we know it does change through time, and that reader will likely add some of his/her interpretations to your prophecy or relate it to his/her present day in order to give it credibility and prove you completely correct.

There is an element of truth in just about everything we see, hear, do, say, we just don’t know it .. yet.

We are all prophets.
Fortes fortuna iuvat


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