DOJ Suing Arpaio

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PostSun May 13, 2012 5:46 am » by Eldorado

Middleman wrote:
It pays to read both the mainstream and alternate media, because they'll both leave shit out when it suits them.

Yeah...cause it wasn't obvious to me what was happening right in front of my face, right??..........

.......I should have "read" the alternative media........????

I was the alternative media in Tempe.....and we were setting up the distribution of the college based Warning Magazine, that has over 20 cities under their distribution network ..... with 944 Magazine calling me "the hottest new kid on the block" throughout their distribution in San Diego, Vegas, and Phoenix areas, so we had quite a bit of coverage.

What kind of media do you think this is..........conservative???....I mentioned the ABC "Trump Card" expose, at the end of the fiasco, as the Nation got to see what was going on....the New Times is another Phoenix-based targeted local 'zine, with almost a hundred articles on Joe Arpaio himself, all online for the record...

So I dont think telling anyone that we are conspiracy theorists even comes close to the truth....

...or even wanting to hear the truth for that fact :nope: :nope: :nope:
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PostSun May 13, 2012 7:20 am » by Seahawk

Eldorado wrote:..............................................................

It was a priveledge to be able to be a part of a strong team of players working against the darkside......I came here to INform, to warn, to bring the swarm, so to say........

So we should draw up a timeline of this guy's exploits and focus on the BS MIlitary Strategies coming outta Phoenix, under AARPAIO and his croquet buddy, McCain..........they are bunkered out like Hitler was under the guise of libertarianism, and deserve to be removed and imprisoned...........


Wow. Good stuff, Eldo. Had no idea there was such a back story. I never heard of the sheriff until the prez-O birth cert. investigation came up. My'bad!

The night that the sheriff had his big press "party," is when I first did a little research on him. Although I didn't see any DOJ references, I did lean that he was in some trouble, himself, (torches and pitchforks, and some state involvement- it seemed) but didn't see it all come to a head, or the DOJ involved until just recently- post press conference re: the birth certificate.

I still believe that the whole thing has a little more fire under it because of what he's done with prez-O, but I guess the man in the middle knows better. Oh well, I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't pay much attention to the msm.

I don't think middleman was referring to you in his post, Eldo. You obviously have a handle on the whole story. I was the one making some assumptions.

At any rate, thanks for the insight.

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