Dollar Valueless, About To Crash - World Bank whistleblower

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'Dollar valueless, about to crash' - World Bank whistleblower

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Published on Oct 8, 2013

The US government shutdown - a temporary ailment or a symptom of a grave disease? Are the Republicans right in their move to block Obamacare spending? Who gains from the shutdown turmoil? Do the politicians care about their citizens? Our guest comes from the very heart of the banking system: Karen Hudes was World Bank lawyer when she blew the whistle on major corruption cases in the system and was fired as a result.


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Published on Oct 7, 2013

China, the biggest foreign creditor of the United States, has waded into the American budget crisis, warning Congress that it must resolve the political impasse over the debt ceiling without further delay..

The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Zhu Guangyao, told America's deadlocked politicians that "the clock is ticking" and called on them to approve an extension of the national borrowing limit before the federal government is projected to run out of cash on 17 October..

"We ask that the United States earnestly takes steps to resolve in a timely way the political issues around the debt ceiling and prevent a US debt default to ensure the safety of Chinese investments in the United States," Mr Zhu told reporters in Beijing. "This is the United States' responsibility," he added..

The American government entered its seventh day of shutdown on Monday, following the failure of Congress to approve the national budget a week ago. And there was little sign of progress on the still more crucial issue of the fast-approaching "debt ceiling" deadline. Yet rather than indicating a willingness to negotiate, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, stated on Sunday that it was "time for us to stand and fight" over the budget. He added that a default was "the path we're on". American stock markets opened down in response to the belligerent comments yesterday, with the S&P 500 Index of leading shares shedding 0.5 per cent..

In September 2008 China eclipsed Japan to become the biggest single foreign creditor of the US federal government. The US administration estimates that the China government holds at least $1.3 trillion of its bonds. The total could be higher because Beijing is known to hold American debt through intermediaries. And, in total, the Beijing authorities have $3.5trn of dollar-denominated assets, which would also be hit hard in the event of a default..

These vast foreign exchange holdings are a by-product of China's closed financial system and persistent current account surplus, which means that most foreign currency that enters the country accumulates with the central bank. The central bank then invests the money in normally "safe" dollar assets. The vast dollar reserves are also a legacy of China's policy in recent decades of artificially holding down the value of its currency, the renminbi, in order to boost the overseas sales of its politically influential export industry..

However, economists have criticised the popular idea that China could exert political or economic leverage over Washington by threatening to sell its dollar investments, since such a drastic shift would ultimately serve to undermine the paper value of Beijing's own vast investment portfolio. Nevertheless, China's creditor position and its status as the world's second largest economy gives its voice some authority in Washington and Mr Zhu made it clear that private representations had already been made. "The US is clearly aware of China's concerns about the financial stalemate and China's request for the US to ensure the safety of Chinese investments," he said..

Since the global financial crisis, which led to a sharp depreciation in the value of the dollar against the renminbi, the authorities in Beijing have been concerned about the fact that so much of their national reserves are held in the form of the American currency. China has been promoting the idea of a new reserve currency to replace the greenback, with some analysts suggesting that the renminbi could one day take its place..

Mr Zhu stressed that it was vital, not only for China but the wider global economy, for America to resolve its budget impasse. "Safeguarding the debt is of vital importance to the economy of the US and the world," he said. Referring to a similar deadlock in 2011, which led to a downgrade of the US AAA credit rating by the Standard & Poor's agency, Mr Zhu said: "We hope the United States fully understands the lessons of history"..

The concerns over the stability of the dollar come at a time of geo-political flux. Barack Obama has sought to "pivot" his foreign policy to Asia to counter China's growing military influence. But the shutdown has forced the US President to cancel his visit to Asia to attend a summit...


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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 12:49 pm » by Poppa_pygar

I think this is about to happen Image
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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 2:12 pm » by Termite

That was a DAMN good post Evildweeb! That lady has balls! I'd be willing to bet that she has some heavy people looking right at her with mal-intent.

Poppa_pygar wrote:I think this is about to happen Image

Poppa_pygar, I agree 100%. This seems to be coming to a head. It really appears as if this gov't shutdown may be a precursor to something that 99.9% of Americans are oblivious to. I am glad I left the States when I did. It seems reasonable to think that this is timing out deliberately with all of the recent developments regarding "drills", fema, etc. And the "Super Corporation" that she referred to, the one that owns the media, the banks, the Senators and Congressmen, is behind the entire thing. I always shyed away from the N.W.O. stuff for years until the past 8 months. Now It seems not only real, but possibly about to jump out from behind the curtain. I think one could reasonably say... here it comes right now!

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 3:42 pm » by Disclosure

Most people here should be aware of the term "problem, reaction, solution" and how it applies today.

I think anyone who watches all this unfold has to feel something big is about to go down. I live in what has been designated as Fema Region IV and yesterday as I came out of a convenience store which is adjacent to some train-tracks, the train caught my attention. Although I missed most of it, I did film about 45 seconds worth of the end of the train. Although this may not be out of the ordinary, I feel like with everything going on, there's something more to it. The train was loaded with nothing but military vehicles that resemble MRAPs, some smaller than others and were all desert tan in color. Near the end of the train was at least 100 smaller containers, stacked perpendicular to the train carts, in stacks of 2's. They had department of US Army on the front of the containers.

I know we've all seen this kind of thing in the past, but looking at the evidence such as an inevitable and perpetuated dollar crash(at some point), war drums being beaten, government shutting down, cosmic events etc., one can only gather that they possibly are preparing for something major. There's been quite a number of videos recently that have shown substantial movement of military vehicles. Sure, while they may be going to "train" or have a "drill", we all know what happens during "drills"- they go live with them and blame it on someone else.

We should start a topic in the forums on tracking military and/or vehicle movements so we can actually see and put into perspective how much activity is taking place. Most of what I see is near the east coast, or Fema Region III and IV. Collectively, we could keep up with which areas have the most movement and deduce from that an approximate location for the next "drill" or if they are perhaps sending shipments overseas.

Although this may not be directly related to this topic, I think it all ties in together to create a bigger picture.

I just wanted to share that bit of info as it may be nothing but in this day and time, I would rather be cautious and wrong instead of saying "why didn't I see that coming"...... :nails:

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 4:33 pm » by The57ironman

Collapse is a series of events that sometimes span years.
Each event increases in volatility over the last event,
but as time goes on these events tend to condition the masses.

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 5:10 pm » by SolStone

Thank you very much for this post! My vote for a bombshell interview on DTV, asking Karen Hudes on as a guest; that would be incredible.

She even mentions the inevitable financial transition between east/west currency (as dominating currency on the global market). This woman is on it!

There exists something nicknamed the Emerald Triangle, and it involves 3 eastern nations; most in the West think a single eastern nation is dominating the world market - this is not the case! It is three, working together: 1)Provides the technology for production; 2)Provides the non-existent labor laws, laborers, as well as the land and factories for production phase; 3)Facilitates international trade with the products produced by other two.

A financial transition is inevitable, but never sat well with me. I feared the internet censorship from China, or other losses of liberty that may follow the transition in my own nation as well as others. This to some extent was cognitive bias, and to some extent justified caution. I see now, that what is going on is in 2 huge phases.

Phase One: Stop the global bankers and the debt system from spreading: first controlling the Mid-East, then moving on to Africa. The known enemies must be stopped first.

Phase Two: No open-arms. Do not (any nation) make the mistake of allowing foreign troops on your land, no matter what financial system the global market transitions into. If all nations accept the financial transition but deny any foreign infringement within their sovereign lands (government, not private citizens engaged in travel) then perhaps something revolutionary can be achieved.

If we hit Phase One and fail (as nations almost always do) in Phase Two, then I do not see a positive future. If we walk the straight and narrow - allow the transition but push ever towards individual sovereignty within our home nations (not look to any saviors, from any national government) then this can actually be a peaceful financial transition, and possibly, a move towards peace the world hasn't seen in some time.

Best interview I've heard in some time, thanks again E-D.

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 6:16 pm » by 99socks

God, what a mess...

Honestly, as much as I hate Obamacare, it really is the red herring keeping everyone looking away from the debt crisis...

However, this Russian-sponsored news station with a Georgian host and supposedly an official from the World Bank is the epitome of scripted interviews. Is she reading off a teleprompter? It's like she never got to read it to herself before getting stuck on air. :hmmm:

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 8:18 pm » by Bravo69

..except for a tour of duty in sunny southeast asia, I have lived all my life in the USA.. and as a citizen... hell, I haven't trusted my government since 1970... why should anyone else?? Just who is stupid here??

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 8:44 pm » by Arella



I have been trading the usd crosses for over ten years now and i see nothing that scares me :nope:

now when is niburu or planet x going to hit that sells papers people.

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 9:39 pm » by Svaha

99socks wrote:God, what a mess...

Honestly, as much as I hate Obamacare, it really is the red herring keeping everyone looking away from the debt crisis...

However, this Russian-sponsored news station with a Georgian host and supposedly an official from the World Bank is the epitome of scripted interviews. Is she reading off a teleprompter? It's like she never got to read it to herself before getting stuck on air. :hmmm:

No, she's looking at a monitor where she can see the interviewer.
I found the hint to the vatican interesting, also she brings a good solution but we'll see.
The dollar will fail at some time in the future, when is the question.
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