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Donald Trump's role in "Obama stripped & sentenced to death"

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PostThu Oct 25, 2012 12:44 pm » by Mattmarriott

24th October 2012: Illuminati script has Donald Trump's announcement to Barack Obama (1) as part of the October surprise that the illuminati postponed 4 years (2). Reminder:
Donald Trump's role in the "Obama stripped and sentenced to death by SCOTUS" script revealed 2009
Donald Trump plays a special role in the "Obama stripped and sentenced to detah by SCOTUS" script, as revealed first and so far only by Last Prophet.
As always The TRUTH was an End Times Information Process (3), reposted only by Kyoon, the only other member of the Web of TRUTH (4).

May 08, 2009: Suicide Obomber and Miss California v Usain Bolt - FAILLUMINATI stripping medals.
The TRUTH "coincidentally" survived in a forum that is part of, one of the last real markets in Illuminatziland. (5)

More than three years later, where else did the SIMPLE TRUTH survive?

According to the Laws of End Times Reductionism the TRUTH surfaces only in a few forums.
At at most of those it survives only a few minutes or hours.
And "coincidentally" what does the Law of End Times Reductionism that provides the KEYS to the TRUTH states? Answer: the easiest way to discover the TRUTH is to be aware of what is consistently censored.
Consistently = obviously by the illuminati media and by their less obvious web of disinformation, playing the role of "alternative" information.

In almost all forums (and that is the case of all forums part of illuminati mass media) the TRUTH is previously censored and nobody gets the chance to even read it.
WHere that is not the case, almost all forums banned Last Prophet and Kyoon and deleted ALL the TRUTH.

The TRUTH survived in
- one forum that did not ban Last Prophet until now but deleted some articles. (6)
- three forums that did not delete ALL the TRUTH but banned Last Prophet, from after two months ( to after 7 years ( (7)
- two forums where only two or three articles were posted. These were also the only forums that did not censor parts of the TRUTH AND did not ban Last Prophet or Kyoon since May 2009. (8)

(1) Donald Trump's Announcement to Barack Obama: show your school application and I will give 5 million dollars to charities

(2) OCTOBER 2008 SURPRISE ** minor and ** MAJOR ** change in 2012 illuminati script, 13th October 2012 - Hillary Clinton proclaimed 44th president and successor of GW Bush as explained 2007 by Last Prophet but "Obama" stripped as president instead of impeached as senator; supervised ethnic civil war with actor "Obama" sentenced to "death" by Supreme Court calling the black to "resist"

(3) End Times Information Process, as expected from End Times Reductionism

(4) Web of TRUTH, as expected from End Times Reductionism w

(5) "coincidentally" a forum that is part of one of the last real markets in Illuminatziland

(6) TRUTH was deleted as article but survived as reply in page 3 of:

(7) In forums that banned Last Prophet: ... hp?t=35218 ... page=84#84

(8) In forums where Last Prophet or Kyoon posted only two or three articles: ... edals.html

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PostThu Oct 25, 2012 4:41 pm » by Kerrblur2

your title is going to cause a knock on your door or a phone call boy, best change your title.
The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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