Doom for Earth and mankind - lets hear it

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 6:46 pm » by Helios

:flop: Agreed
Let me take the waves out of the ocean
Let me take the stars down from the sky
Let me take the faith from your foundation
Let me take the wrong to make it right
Let me take away the dark like I’ve been here all night
Ending before I begin

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PostTue Jul 26, 2011 7:56 am » by Elmajiko

I know I didnt evolve from no monkey. You want to believe you were fine. The changes and climbing disasters at the moment through out the planet, with ppl and earth makes me question the nothings going to happen scenerio. Seriously dont you guys ever wonder about the ancient ruins under the sea, how they got there, the bosnian pyramids they found that predate the ice age and the civilization that made them, the massive mammoth graveyard in Siberia, the myths and legends all around the world that tell similar stories, the prophecies from diffrent ppl and sources that end up in similar dates around the globe. Most of all that gut feeling everybody is getting around the world, when you look at whats happening around you that something s going to happen but u cant put your finger on it. Sorry but it stops being fear mongering once the dots start to create the full picture. In all something needs to happen bc it doesnt look like we are going to change anything on our own.
As for those who put the power of god outside of themselves pls look within. Jesus consciousness is within and not out, we all can be like jesus but dont wait for someone to save you. Spiritual beings have come to many corners of the planet, each one with something beautiful to say that way can learn from. FROM OUTERSPACE THIS PLANET HAS NO BORDERS. We are all in it together, we just dont act like it, We need to act as ONE and learn from whatever is going to happen bc it is the only way we as a specie will outlast this planet.

Peace and Love MIATRON

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PostTue Jul 26, 2011 8:16 am » by Slamgunshark

what if dolphins were robots?

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