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Erm.. :think: sounds interesting if the funding is available

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Published on Jun 21, 2013

A brief overview of Douglas Trumbull's project to photograph UFO's. Though he has invested heavily on his own over the years, the acclaimed film director and special effects wizard hopes to one day obtain financing for the project so that he can "hit the road and do the real research."

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:cheers: Cagey

.... :shock:'s about f*ckin' time.. :banana:

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Published on Jun 21, 2013
Special effects legend, Doug Trumbull, is releasing a high tech 10 minute movie that is a fictionalized version of his personal goal to film a UFO. The film is being shot in 4k 3D at 120FPS (Frames Per Second), that compares to The Hobbit, filmed with 2k 3D at 48 FPS, and James Cameron's next project which is set to be at 60FPS. In layman's terms, the higher the numbers, the better the picture resolution. In fact, Trumbull says this movie is like looking through a window. More like reality than a movie.

The movie and the UFO project are called UFOTOG, a combination of the words UFO and photography. Trumbull owns an ex-military hummer that is kitted out with some high tech video equipment for the express purpose of taping a UFO. The movie is about a man using this sort of equipment to film a UFO.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is one of two feature films Trumbull is working on, he says, "It is not the primary one that I want to make next. I'm also developing a sci-fi epic that takes place about 200 years in the future".

For more details about UFOTOG, we interviewed Mark D'Antonio. D'Antonio is the photo analyst for the Mutual UFO Network. He also owns a company called FX models, which works with the entertainment industry, the military, and others to build detailed technical models. D'Antonio works closely with Trumbull on his movie and UFO projects.

Trumbull's UFOTOG movie is set to be released in August. Only a limited number of theaters have the technology to project the movie, but we will keep you up to date on the details once the movie is released. So keep checking back with for updates.

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i welcom any serious attempt to prove the ufo thingy
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PostWed Jun 26, 2013 4:25 pm » by Savwafair2012

We’ve been waiting for pioneering FX man and fantastic director Douglas Trumbull to announce more about his ambitious, cutting edge sci-fi projects, ever since our man Craig Skinner talked to him about them in 2011.

What I wasn’t expecting to learn is that he’s already finished one and is hoping to screen it in August.

UFOTOG, which is a pseudo-acronym for Unidentified Flying Object Photography, is a short film about a man attempting to take pictures of a UFO.

According to The Hollywood Reporter - who repaid Trumbull for speaking to them by giving their story a horrendous headline – the film runs to 10 minutes and was shot in 3D at 4k resolution and 120 frames per second.

This, Trumbull says:

is less like a movie and more like a live event. The screen becomes a giant window onto reality.

Which is exciting and inspiring, I think, as long as the peculiarly cinematic powers of composition and editing remain. Throwing those out in pursuit of a proxy stage play would be a bad move.

Trumbull has described the lead character of UFOTOG, as played by the actor Ryan Winkles:

He’s very smart, a serial entrepreneur, like Elon Musk. So he has the wherewithal to get a really good camera and build a system on a mountain top.

And so I’m sure his engagement with the UFO goes beyond a few quick snaps. Trumbull also has a plan for a feature length version of this same story, and I expect that’s even less about hanging around at high altitude and hoping to spot a weirdly moving light.

The next step will be to screen the film. At the moment, the plan is to find somewhere in LA this August that can be equipped to show such cutting edge footage. It likely hasn’t been easy for Trumbull to find venues, and it’s not going to be simple for UFOTOG to play widely – at least not in its native form, or at any time soon.

There’s another twist to this story, as while Trumbull has been busy making a film about a man trying to photograph a UFO… he’s been trying to photograph a UFO. Here’s a video about the lengths he’s gone to.

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Some talk in there has left me wondering how much the film is going to blend fact and fiction. Trumbull seems as passionate about UFOs as he does cutting edge cinematography.

Now, I’ve gone on the record about my love of 3D and high frame rate cinema several times before. I’m absolutely fascinated by what Trumbull is trying to pull off here, so I’ll be watching closely. I’ll keep you updated.

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