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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 1:04 pm » by zionslion

People. lets put our shared subcontious together in one thread.

For me...another alien invasion dream

not sure why. im not watching tv. third alien invasion dream since monday.

on a camping trip. Dark and stormy nigh. I see garbage falling from the sky. next i see all kinds of strange lights. mini ships or probes come first. they look like manta rays or sting rays.

they probe explore the camp grounds.

next there are unmanned rovers. not like ours. they see from a red eye.

finally more organic probes. they scour the ground.

I wake everyone up. we gather. there is a young child. he looks human. thinking about it now he must have been sent to contact us. It is never explicitly stated though but his kind is here to do some bad things.

he explains how they travel in space and time. Its a form of suicide. they must kill themselves through a machine so they can enter a body that will survive on earth. for them there is no going back. for us....the dream ends there.

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 1:17 pm » by whitedeath

I dreamt I came to dtv & there were pertinent threads to the paranormal

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 1:19 pm » by Lilith

very cool idea..I always have very vivid dreams, always good stuff for science fiction movies...unfortunately I haven't slept that good in a while..but gonna post when I dream again :flop:

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 1:53 pm » by zionslion

whitedeath wrote:I dreamt I came to dtv & there were pertinent threads to the paranormal

i dreamt you came to dtv and clicked on threads you were interested in

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 2:11 pm » by G3n3sis

I am currently recording every dream I have to put a study together: the awsome thing about the internet is that I can be comfortable in the fact that I can post this anonamously, heres the list so far:

The Abduction
Nocturnal Street, Dark Skies and the Craft
Final Flight, Standing on the Moon, an eriee Silence
Waking to a Sky Filled with Strange Objects over Town
Part 2: Waking to a Sky Filled with Strange Objects over Town, more Intense
Harrassment of the Flying Cylinder Mothership
Rise of the Fourth Reich and Emergence of Hitler in WW3
The Last Colony Aboard Andromeda Gerat
Grounded Andromeda Gerat and a Military Expedition
Member of the Secret SS Council of the Round Table
Dinner With the Freemasons and the Grand Golden Hall
Hall Park and the Mechanised Tomb of Torture Terror
Flying in the Genesis Craft
Trying to Fly in Spencer Park
The European Circus in Spencer Park
The Static Tidal Wave
Lying in Mark Crawley's Grave
Flying High in the Sky and Ascension
Attack of the Nife-weilding Psycho Civilians
First DJ set at a Club
DJ Set and the Music Festival
Alternate Reality: Bulldog Bash on the Hill
The Night Festival at the Park Resort
Laura's Missing you Letter
Fun Fair & The Unusual Ghost Train
Blair Witch Legend & The 300 Miles of Mountain Woodland
EPIC Dream:The Tale of Two Oceanic Worlds: As Above So Below
The World Map: Its Regions But Not As We Know It
The World of Trapdoors, Tunnels, Crawl Passageways and Grottos
A Waking Holy Choir Over Rushden
The Higham Airfield German SS UFO Landing
Dreaming a Dream, in a Dream, While Dreaming
Moving Objects With the Mind
The Zombie Outbreak and a Member of Umbrella Corp./ James Bond Containment Special Forces
The Ultima Online Town
The Mechanical Medievil Oceanic Battle
The 2012 Event; Walking outside highfield house when communications go down, day turns to night with galactic alignment, sun changes from yellow to pure white light, the new sun in the palm of my hand, all is black around, technology as we know it is over, watch aurora in the sky over england, it begins to snow
A Relationship begins with Ester, an Orgy of Women
Secrets of the Spaceship Builders are revealed to me
The Ghost Busters Dream, New City and The Power of Gozer
The "Dan is Mr Popular" Dream
The Harry Potter Theme Park and the Shop of Occult Books
Deep Occult Knowledge, Advancement Levels in Occult Market, Joining a Cult and being the chosen one to reinterpretate and write the Salty Bible
Fantasy War and the Battles of the Nine Ringworlds of Arkannon: Wraiths, Purple Beasts, Blue Giants, Wizards, Archers and Titans
The Command and Conquer Red Alert Dream
EPIC Dream: Nikola Tesla, Special Electric Gas, Occult Technology, Alien Robots, Electricity as Alien Consciousness, The Dremen Conspiracy, Hayley Swainson as: The One - Dan to Save the Day
Taking part in a very important mission (not realised yet - needs more thought)
The Barbershop Brawl: complete with hand to hand combat with Barbershop razors
Brett, Ashley and Myself: big trip with group, zoo animals, smoking bongs
EPIC Dream: 20,000ft Spiritual Waterfall, People Diving off, Hidden Secrets in Marble Pools Along the Way, Water flowing Through Large Corridor With Pictures on Wall of Secret Scientists and Inventors, Secret Messages Before you Go Over, Haunted Rooms to Test the Soul, Clear Water, Stevie Enters one Room and Must Save Her
The Occult-Technological "Mentalic Rail Train": Black Bat Shaped, One Person Transport: Use Mental Energy With Hand Interface to Use It
The News Showing the Dome of the Rock is Destoryed, Random but Powerful Dream; April 2010

On Holiday With Amanda King's Family In Florida, Bar Brawl, Old Rich People and The Nike/ Coca-Cola Illuminati Sun Glasses, World Banking District
Owning a Lamborghini Gollardo, Virgin Atlantic Head Quarters in the Desert, Meeting Michael Branson, Jetting off to a Tropical Destination
Stealing a BMW Sports Business Car, The Alex Jones Genocide, Saving Stevi From the Rapids,
Future Ladbrokes Shop: Tom dissapeared, The Great Depression, Changed Shop, New Staff, Alison Pullan Works in Shop
Lots of Money in Wallet, Booking a Flight to the Channel Islands With Virgin Atlantic at the Airport
The Double Decker Plane and the Holiday to Florida
Hanging out With Laura and Becoming Friends With Hayley After being Forgiven
The war of the Bricks, building and reparing a wall in an ancient and lost arabic city in the Desert, Killing a man by throwing a brick at his head, Parts of the city are supermarket where women shop
Stevi suffering from A Biological Disease and Being Opened up, Arguing With Neal,
The Bradshaw Family and the Black Hole, Clubbing With Sarah, Fight With David West and Puttin His Face Through The Window
The Irthlingborough Special Operations Command Offensive Against the Terrorists
The Return of "Mr Smith" the mind controller and the Bulldog Bash; Hiding in grass with mates in big rocky outcrop, camping and equipment
At the Docks of New York City Investigating a secret sewage conspiracy; tunnel runs under new york and dumps sewage in sea; finally exposed in newspapers and shut down, Kieran Boldwin fails test and Jamie Hooton sails in small boat
The Ladbrokes Embezzlement Scam
Phone Call to (D) ARPA, Speaking With Dr Shin Komatosoa, Im a Member of Elite Special Forces Ninja Group, Drop Zone in Amazonian Cliffs
Using Hover Shoes For Travel, Rare Ability of Flight While Everyone Else are Stuck In Traffic Jams
Chris and The Hell's Angels Cult
Taking Stevie on Holiday to The Grand Canyon, Stevie Misbehaves and Goes Alone on the Wrong Flight to Chicago, Attempts to Stop Flight Results in Airport Security Arrest
The Pilgrim Town and the White Marble Quarry
The Secret Countryside Domain of The Satanic Secret School of the Rich
The Random Christmas Dream
The Exploration of the Pyramids and Temples of Egypt
University: New Accomodation, The Mudball Fight, Beach Party and Rave
Running From Infected People in Education Institution, Must Lock the Doors After the Last Man In - Fails and Security Breach, Jump Into Last Lift With Man With Gold in Sack and 12 Small Children ©
Lift Begins to Melt and Doors Open: We Are in Hell, Sexual Orgies and Vampire Women, Christmas at Annes Different House, Walking Over Frozen Pond with Ashley and Josh Attempts and Is Badly Injured
Car Driven Very Fast Around Country and Towns by Farmer in Large White Vehicle Similar to Humvee, Family and Friends Holding on For Dear Life
Exploring the back alleys and surrounding hills of Irthlingborough, Rich people have swimming pools in their back garden and Discover Private Hidden Water Park of The Rich With Giant Slide, Dodgy Steps
The Free Shopping Sprees and The ?
Driving Back From Event Across the Contry Late at Night: car is spotted broken down on manchester road outside a large glowing cemetary near alton towers, occupants steal our car
Cross Country Rail Car Hi-jacking, Near Misses and Arriving At Wicksteed Park, Meeting an Odd Group of People
The Trans-Atlantic Romantic Bus Tour to Orlando Florida, Visiting Disney Parks and Busch Gardens With Mates
Sex With Multiple Partners and Asian Women, High Tech Building and Gigs, Kieran Boldwin Commits Suicide
The Daniel Bradshaw Wins at Bodybuilding Competition Dream
Salsa Dancing With Two Women: First Women Collapses, Second Woman is Highly Skilled and Talented, University Trip to Disney Future: Interactive Soundstage - Massive: Basketball Area, Kids Area, Multiple Churches Area - Nearly Crash on road to Disney exactly like Set, Sacred Place which features one church which holds a "golden" secret? links to another dream: "Cathedralis" hauntingly sublime
Marcus Clages gets Married/ Engaged and Kim Dies in 2010
City Carnival, Aggressive-Inline Competitions and Training Given, Rail Grind Trials
Sex and Japanese Girls
Running From Psychotic People in Large Building Complex and Alien-type Shapeshifters, Graphic/ Vivid Sex With Young Brunette Public Land Lady, Ultimate Gargantuan Disney-Future Waterpark with Almost Impossible Water Slides
2012: Small group of gifted people are given super human powers and given 360 days to change human perception or the world as we know it will be destroyed and most of humanity perishes, im one of the gifted: given the powers of flight and telepathy
University: Student Halls, Women, Gigs, Flat Parties and Weight Training.
Student Clubbing Bus, E-'S' Outdoor Rave, 70 Car Pile-up With Many Dead, Farmer and His Livestock, The Tower Family, Mistaken for Lucinda's New Husband, Bradshaw Family Feast, Gucci Perfume By Gucci.
Romanitc Dance With Brunette, The Red Haired Playful Girl is Soulmate, Driving My New White Sports Car - Brand Not Specified - Trouble with Changing Gear

Rushden School location of Centre Parks
Rushden School: Beach and Ocean Front
Rushden School: The Tidal Wave and Flood
Rushden School: The Race of Mechanised Vehicles
Rushden School: Meeting Strange People in the Trees
Rushden School: The Basketball Court in the Field
Rushden School: The Invasion of the Gypsies
Rushden School: The Military War of Humanities Block
Rushden School: The Demon of the Music Block
Paradiso of Slides and Water
The Industrial Water Park
The Water Park and the Deep Blue Swim
The Highrise House of Pillows
The Major Streetball Game
Hall Park and the Awsome Tree Houses
Rushden School: Area 51 and the Alien Housing Section
Rushden School: Zombie Survival
Rushden School: The Witch Bitch
Rushden School: Alternate Reality
Rushden School: The Race of the Techblock Quad Bikes
A Conversation with Bill on the Cemetary Hill
Greetings from Bill at the Old House
Business in the Irthlingborough Cemetary
The Death of Someone at the Irthilingborough Cemetary
Paradise in the Green Country and the Sacred Tree
Paradise in the Countryside and the Warming Breeze
Rushden School: English Block Hall of Residence: College
Barry and the Ghost Riders Bulldog Bash
The Mysterious Girlfriend/ House Opposite the Laundrette
The Donkey Track & The Derelict Buildings
The Highfield Road Burrial Ground
Derrick and Mary's Grand Old House and Stevi's Accident, Various Sexy Women
The Great Bradshaw Family Manshion
At the Panter's House in Irthlingborough
The House with no Roof on Cemetary Hill
The Secluded Basketball Court
In Spain With Sarah, The Beach Party Villa and The Foot Infection
Future California and The Golden Beach Holiday
My Future Spanish/ Italian Mansion on The Hill Overlooking City and Sea
The Communion Tent: Old School Mates and New University Accomodation Locations
Tour of West Virginia, United States, Unique Strange House in Dark Woods, Lush Green Countryside, Large river and big bridge, traditional celebration, wood log cabins, wolves in woodlands
Tree House Villages in top of Lush Forrests, Positivism, Sports on the Greens, Sex With Black Women
Forrest Mansion and the Red Bi-Plane Escape
The Castle of the Great Eye, Dark Stone Maze
The Hilltop White Chapel House
The Two Garden and House Parties at Highfield Road, Complete with Rock DJ and Clubbing DJ, Rival Party Scaffolding Collapses and People Injured
Visiting New York City, Walking Around Empire State Building and at the Super Bowl, Joining People in Group Discussion about Drugs in Central Park
Spencer Park and the Mine Shaft
The Dark Tower in The Desert

Enjoy and any questions :mrgreen:
"The Sign of an Educated Mind is that, Which can Entertain a Notion or Idea Without Accepting it"

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 2:39 pm » by Spock

Sometime this morning I dreamed that I was driving around with Geoff Tate (lead singer for Queensryche) and we stopped at a gas/station convenience store - I was picking up some peanuts and crackers and my debit card wasn't accepted, even though there was money in the bank.
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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 10:31 am » by whitedeath

zionslion wrote:
whitedeath wrote:I dreamt I came to dtv & there were pertinent threads to the paranormal

i dreamt you came to dtv and clicked on threads you were interested in

Fair point, good on you!

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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 1:31 pm » by zionslion

drabbit wrote:I had a dream of a lion man

he was tall had a human body but his face look like a lion and he had horns the horns pointed downward... thick at the start then thinned out but not curved like a rams horn..

I went and looked on the net for something that looks like what I seen cant find anything
it was a man tho.. not a bad dream I guess I just seen a lion man thats all I can remember..

I think I had this dream cause of the videos I was watching late last night here

sounds cool. reminds me of a character from antiquity.

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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 1:39 pm » by zionslion

thanks for reminding me about this dream last night. It was more like scientific animation though. I saw a 3d axis.


then on top of this axis matter started to materialize. Matter being earth, stone, mud, plantlife, wwaater rivers...

the camera pulls back and then i notice that all of this matter is vibrating on a wavelength in an outwardly movement. felt like i was in a fractal world. like i could see how all of this including us humans make sense in the big picture.

if youve taken shrooms this sorta thing might sound familiar. then somehow the dream turned into me being an undercover agent. my good buddy was my boss and we had to put on fake tatoos. the other team of agents were in riot gear but all dressed like santa!

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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 2:39 pm » by Svaha

Some Greek guy once said it is good that you let the day pass, just before you go to sleep, look at your doings without judgment, and intend to change some choices in the future.
That way your dreams will be more meaningful, don't have to deal with experiences of that day.
You may even get lucid dreams, or visions while awake.
Follow your bliss(ters) - Joseph Campbell


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