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I went to bathe and then went into altered state and experienced a lucid dream. I saw my Father and he was laying on a couch, he was ill and he was choking. I asked him he if would like a glass of water twice and he replied 'Decontaminants' Decontaminants'. My Father in real life died of lung cancer and he was also given too much radiotherapy, they burnt his lungs and he couldn't swallow for six weeks. Then I remembered the book by Obama called 'Dreams of My Father' and it fell into place with the oil spill.

After I wrote up what I experienced today including the visions that followed, I looked to see what could be found on decontaminants and immediately a military application came up in the search engine.

Military develops multipurpose 'green' decontaminants for terrorist attack sites
"A detailed evaluation of the cleansers appears in ACS' Industrial Engineering and Chemistry Research, a bi-monthly journal. George Wagner and colleagues explained that chlorine- and lye-based decontamination agents have serious drawbacks. In addition to being potentially hazardous, they can react with chemical weapons and materials in the environment to form new toxic substances. If the military needed to decontaminate a large area, the runoff could harm people and the environment. To solve that problem, military scientists developed the Decon Green suite of decontamination agents. The main ingredients in each Decon Green formula are peroxides, the same substances that are in many household cleaners and whitening toothpaste. To bolster their effectiveness, the peroxides are mixed with bicarbonates or other non-toxic bases. That combination produces peroxyanions, highly reactive ions that can clean just about anything. It ensures that chemical weapons, like nerve gas, will break down completely. Wagner describes putting the new cleaning agents through an exhaustive battery of tests. His team concluded that each formula can break down toxic chemicals, rather than just washing them away."

Then I came back into full consciousness and I saw the golden door and it turned into the Cross of St John. Then I saw a vision of the Templars coming towards me and St John's Ambulance, the Templars were not just monks, they were healers and carried out first aid. They were like paramedics. They were like the Buddhist monks they could defend and they could heal. In September 2009, I also received a vision of St John the Cross. [2] Then I remembered someone that I know that lives at St Johns and his name is Colin. Colin is Gaelic and means DOVE and doves are symbolic of peace.

Then I saw a theatre like being in a cinema and there were masses of people and above them was the golden door and they could not reach it because the golden door kept moving. They couldn't understand why the golden door kept moving so that they could not reach it. Then God said 'They keep on looking at stage and screen instead of looking upwards'.

Then I was given a vision of a horse and it had its head covered in white and all I could see was its ears. Then God said 'They are covering their heads, they are covering my creation".

Then God said "Liliah, Liliah'. Like he was calling me and it was urgent.

I have a niece called LILIA and it means LILY. We also mentioned the lily the other day to do with one of the crop circles, if I remember correctly it was to do with the hexagon crop circle.

Then I saw the golden door again.

1. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/ ... 060210.php

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PostMon Jun 14, 2010 10:58 pm » by Eliakim

Iran on its way to break the blockade
http://www.disclose.tv/frameset.php?url ... HG20100614

We warned people last year about the toys.

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