Dream or clairvoyance

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[i][/ Not being one to have much faith in anything such as this to have meaning I've always been skeptical of this whole subject until this happened. It was the start of the race season(Daytona 500) I was anxious for the race season to start and was looking forward to the event. It was saturday morning and I was semi awake and began thinking of the race on sunday,There was running through my mind cars racing when all of a sudden one car broke loose hit the wall and slid down to the infield. The car number was#3,and with that I was jolted to wide awake and knew the driver had been killed. Well with that the rest of that day off and on I could not help but think of that. On sunday the day of the race I actually said a short prayer that all would be fine and no event like that would happen. Watching the race all was going as usual for a race with the ordinary mishaps that happen and know one hurt so I to say the least was relieved for that and didn't think much more about it. On the last lap 300 yards from the finish line it happened. After hitting the wall the car went down to the infield and came to a stop. There was no movement in the car and the safety crew was was attempting to get the driver out. At that point I knew the worst had happened. As mentioned before I never really believed in Clairvoyence and can say never has anything like this happened to me before or since. I'm not given to this sort of experiences At least I don't think so but how do you explain that? One of the great ledgends of racing was no more.

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