Dreams of aliens and UFOs...

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PostWed Dec 23, 2009 3:22 pm » by Proto

had this dream not too long ago :
i was walking down the street in a huge city , i looked up to the clouds
and noticed they start to shift from classical cloud forms to some
very tripy liquid moving shapes with a strong metallic silver tint ,
it looked almost like the clouds are solidifying .

then in the far distance ,i saw a huge spacecraft comes out of the clouds .
it hoovered slowly over the city skyscrapers , there was a complete silence
and everyone around me halted and stared .

suddenly i could see something twinkle on the top of the sky scrapers ,
took me a second to realize that what i'm seeing is flames .
half second later the skyscrapers started to collapse .

at that point i remember saying to myself wtf ?!? no way in hell this shit is real .
it doesn't make any sense !

at that point the unbelievable happened ,and it was like i'm
watching a rewind , the skyscrapers rose back from the ground ,
all intact and flame less . i remember thinking ,ok that's more like it .

then some kind of projectile was bolted from the craft toward me ,
at extremely fast speed , for some reason it didn't really worried me .
just before it hit the road about 50 meters beside me it morphed
into a huge black vehicle and smoothly landed on the road near me
and continued bolting down the road ,hitting no one or anything .
at that point i woke up .

another good post with lots of aliens/ufo's members dreams :

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PostWed Dec 23, 2009 4:49 pm » by Cornbread714

I've dreamed of UFOs all my life.

The first dream as a child that I actually remember was about a nuclear war (Cold War era collective unconscious, no doubt, shaping my early visions...). I must have been 4 or 5. It was a super-vivid scene of a landscape totally devastated and burning and smoking. Everything was black and dead and the sky was orange, red and black.

The second dream I remember from childhood (I must have been about 6 years old then), was of a UFO.
I dreamed that I was standing in my yard with my family and and all my neighbors were in their yards and a small, glowing object was floating down our street about 15 or 20 feet in the air.
It looked sort of like a grenade or a pineapple lit up from within. We were all just standing there in awe, it looked so strange. The next day, I asked my parents if it was real, they just laughed, but it seemed more than a dream, and important somehow. It's still as vivid in my mind 40-something years later as it was then.

Since then, I've had vivid, powerful UFO dreams in great variety, every one accompanied with a feeling of awe. Glowing circles, craft of every sort, sometimes the skies are full of them. Deep, profound, symbolic, emotional, spooky, even scary - I love my UFO dreams.

Very few of those dreams contained aliens or interaction, but a few did, some of those are hard to remember, others are hard to talk about or describe in normal language.

One of the best ones I had as a teenager involved an orb that came down from the sky while I was standing alone in the desert at night. It was like an eye, it was smooth, glassy and gold-colored and partly translucent. It was small, not much bigger than a basketball and it landed at my feet. It had the appearance of something partly alive and partly mechanical. It had a pupil, an iris and a cornea like an eye, sort of, and it had a complex muscular/mechanical system, like a Giger painting, in the back part of it.

It seemed to communicate with me, but the detail of the communication was beyond comprehension, in fact, it feels like a blank memory now, but somehow my being acknowledged that there had been some sort of profound exchange on a level beneath or beyond ordinary consciousness.

The feeling I had was extremely positive, like a warmth and a peacefulness that might come from a deep understanding of reality or the cosmos, though I didn't necessarily have any human understanding, or even a real perception in a logical sense, of what had occurred. I was compelled to pick up the sphere and I tossed it in the air, and it took off, straight into the sky.

This dream happened at a crisis point in my life and it brought me peace. I don't know if it meant anything, but I'm grateful for whatever force sends me this stuff, be it my subconscious (which does seem to be much more creative than I am), or something beyond me.

Either way, I know it's a positive force, even though it shows me some very frightening stuff sometimes. :sunny:
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PostThu Nov 29, 2012 8:17 am » by something_unreal

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated about the night sky, the stars, and planets. I could spend hours outside stargazing imagining and wondering what it's like beyond earth. Being so young, there was no way I could have known what "aliens" were, but yet I would always dream about these beings with huge eyes. These dreams never scared me. The only downside about these dreams is that I was always DEATHLY afraid of insects and to this day, I have a phobia of insects; I cannot even stand being near something as innocent and beautiful as the butterfly. The dreams stopped for a while, but they are starting to come back. For three years now I have been having these realistic dreams of these beings or seeing their spacecrafts and sometimes, their worlds. My latest dream about them, three days ago, is the first time I have talked to "it." I cannot remember our surroundings, but we were in a dark space, a room of some sort. I looked into its huge, black eyes and then I looked down to its hand. I said to it, "Wow... Your fingers....... They are so long and bony..." We grabbed each others hands and it said to me, "We are ready." At that moment, I woke up in sweat and a racing heart. I am still absolutely fascinated about the universe. Every night, I look up to the stars, and it feels like home to me. I feel like, that is where I belong... And not here...

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PostThu Nov 29, 2012 9:57 am » by Chillitiger

I also posted this in the "Roswell transcripts" thread as this dream happened the night I listened to those videos!

I had the most unbelievable dream of my life! And I do a lot of lucid dreaming, so that says something.

Basically I was escorted by Nordic aliens to a pick up location for some very small "greys" to pick me up.

However I thought I was going with the Nords until we get to the pick up point and I realize these guys are just a "delivery Service" for the small greys.

The Nords were nervous about the whole thing. The last Nord who stayed with me even tried to talk in english in stead of telepathically to calm us both down. She sounded like a deaf person when she spoke. The words were muted like she could not hear how she sounded.

She said this was the part of the process she disliked. At this point I am like What!!!! What do you mean.

Then the "Greys" arrived

When I saw the "Greys" I was so scared it was incredible! I had waves of fear run through me.

(These aliens reminded me of the the star child skull aliens more so than the typical greys, the eyes were black, of average size, highly slanted, and very close together. But those eyes were the most stressful things I have ever seen. I do not think they compute with the human nervous system, they are just beyond our experience. (for now) They were only about 2-3 feet high and were in blue/green space suits with a breathing contraption at the front of there helmets, a bit like a trunk.)

I could not read their thoughts at all. I was freaking the hell out!!

Then they come over and toke my hands!

I had the choice then to abort the whole thing. After standing in rolling waves of fear for a few moments more I eventually I thought.... screw it.... I am about to have a nervous breakdown but this might be my only chance i get and I am going to trust that these little fuckers won't hurt me and I can learn something valuable.

Then they put a small black clamp attached to some wires on my hand and lead me over to the "Tractor Beam" lol.

This dream was the most realistic dream I have ever had. I can remember every detail and it was all linear, no jumping around. No vagueness, no dream like shit happening.

and I was very conscious throughout the dream.

I woke just before getting on the ship.

When I woke I was shaking in fear and had waves of it roll up and down my body for a good 10 minutes. I could not even get up to check the house I was so scared. I felt like a little boy again.

Thankfully my wife got up then (she had the flu) and needed a shower. When she turned the light on the relief I felt was awesome. Man fuck was I scared. lol!!! :lol: :lol:
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PostThu Nov 29, 2012 7:03 pm » by caMEIER


I was on standing a football field at night, it was dark as the the stadium lights were not on and there were people seated in the stands. I looked up and saw several UFO's flying over us and yelled to the crowd "look". Then, two UFO's passed very fast and very low right across the field.

One turned back, stopped and shined a very bright light on me......I ran into a shack.....The scene changes, there was an unfamiliar man sitting on a couch; I knew he had stolen an object from a little girl, who was also in the room, a ball maybe, a toy?, not sure.

I demanded, forcefully "give it back", and instantly the object manifested and was in my hand; I handed it to the little girl.

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PostThu Nov 29, 2012 7:06 pm » by caMEIER


For those of you who live in Denver....in a dream, I saw a spaceship land in a small park where Colorado Blvd, 1st ave and Leetsdale Drive intersect.

Everytime I drive by there, I wonder............

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 3:51 am » by areashaw

Well I have a neighbor next door who runs a coffee shop. I went in with my cousin and our kids one day and his daughter was asking me about scaring kids with alien masks. I didn't understand what she was talking about, and assured her that I didn't know what she was talking about. She even wanted to come over and look around, which I told her she could go thru anything she wanted. My cousin stayed with me that night and vouched I never left; she had been up due to her baby being sick. I did have a dream the night she was talking of; in my dream I flew out my window and over to the coffee shop because I saw 2 beings over there. I asked them what they were doing and they replied that they were looking for something. These aliens were surprised to see me and that I was asking them anything at all; I said I would help I flew around the outside of the house with them. Now this was my dream and on the same night something was seen; I never left my home, ?????????? any theories??

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 4:52 am » by Fr0zenKold

Areashaw, it sounds to me like a case of astral projection.

Anyway, I have been having dreams ever since I was a child of by being abducted by various beings. It all started after an event that myself and my mother witnessed at night. We were coming home from my great-grandmothers house one night and I saw a light in the sky. As soon as I spotted it, the car completely stopped. From what I remember from the night (30 years ago) my mother went outside of the car and started to yell at the light that was about as large and bright as the moon only it wasn't the moon. I know this because I remember making the remark about there being 2 moons. After a while of my mother yelling at it, the light vanished. Ever since then, I have been having dreams about every 2 months for the past 30 years. I mentioned being abducted by various beings because in my dreams, I have met at least 7 different alien races. The dreams I have with the Zeta Reticuli (greys) and the Draconians (reptiles) are the most scary of my dreams as they perform the typical abduction experiments that are widely reported. There are also dreams ive had with the tall type greys which aren't really scary at all with those dreams just talking to them. The pleiadians are the ones I wouldn't mind having dreams about all the time seeing as these seem to be the benevolent type of the alien races I have dreamed of meeting. I have had plenty of meetings with the pleiadians in my dreams and was told I have a half son, I guess you would call, hybrid which I was told I would meet "when the time is right"

My dreams haven't been happening very frequent as of late but 7 years ago, I woke up from a deep sleep and I saw 2 Zetas looking into my sons crib. I was told everything would be fine but now my children keep talking about how they see "ghosts" and I asked them to describe them and what they experience and it seems to me that the dreams and experiences ive had since I was a child has moved on to my kids and now come to find out from my father that my grandfather has had the same thing happen to him. Im curious if anyone here has heard of these things happening to a whole family like mine?

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 5:21 am » by The57ironman


............. :hiho: ..caMEIER , something_unreal , areashaw + Fr0zenKold ... :cheers:

tell us more...

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 7:30 am » by caMEIER

I recently had a dream where a UFO hovered over me and as it began to descend it morped into a helicopter.

Men got out and entered into this house wearing sterile white coats. They began wiping down everything inside the house and as they wiped, everything became a brilliant white.......


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