Dreams of aliens and UFOs...

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 7:41 am » by Flipper

I have been having dreams about UFOs and advanced cultures for nearly 20 years. The dream is like watching a very long movie. I find every now and then it is like when they play a what has happened so far in a TV drama.

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 4:08 pm » by Phoenix rising

This is my dream i had, at the time it was so vivid, I pasted it here from my original post some time back

last night i had a vivid dream, i found myself in a taxi at night and i noticed to the right of me through the window that there were in the sky some flashing golden lights, i said to the driver have u seen them and he to looked bemused, the dream skips to the next scene and i find myself in my bedroom, there is lots of commotion out side so i look out of my window and there below me are people i know but these are nice people standing alongside some of my neighbours and also stood in other gardens all watching the skies, again these golden orbs in the thousands are saturating the skyline dancing about, looking into the distance i see debris floating into the sky which i fought looked strange, it was moving up into the sky as if it was in slow motion, almost as if it is being pulled up with an gravitational force, something doesn't look right so i look down again and notice that the debris floating up in the sky is all the boundaries fencing that separates all the gardens in the neighbourhoods, all the walls, gates and stuff like that, i listen to the people out side and some sound scared so i say to them as if i have had knowledge of the orbs/craft being here, please don't be scared they are here to help us make this world a better place where we are free of boundaries, i scanned the area and it looked beautiful and free, no boundaries nor fencing anywhere and everyone was free to walk anywhere they choose to, if felt as if ones house was in a country park surrounded by beautiful scenery, at that moment i fought to myself what a beautiful beautiful gesture from our brothers in the skies and at that moment a beautiful feeling of happiness and peace overcame me to which i have never felt before, a moment of reassurance that everything will be alight from now on.

It felt as thought this was a message telling us that as soon as we start making boundaries we start lessoning our own freedoms.

Maybe this dream could be just a dream but maybe there was a hidden message there somewhere, it was enough to wake me up and want to tell my wife about it, bless u all.
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