Drone-Like Object Allegedly Photographed in Argentina

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Drone-Like Object Allegedly Photographed in Argentina :alien: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/sanrafael.html


Argentina, Mendoza Province, city of San Rafael - 08-29-09

The man who took the photographs decided to protect his identity for fear of ridicule that usually arises about this type of event. Although he refused to make the details of the photographs public at first, he allowed a friend to publish it in the Newspaper San Rafael, with the stipulation that his identity would be protected.

The information published in the newspaper revealed that the sighting began last Saturday about 3:00 PM, at the Club Nautical. The photographer went to the coast to see if the water conditions were conducive to fishing. He is an avid fisherman.

As he looked over the waters, he saw an unusual object that was floating. It appeared to be about two hundred yards from shore. The object made not a sound and was about a meter above the water when he took the first photograph with his cell phone.

As he continued to take photographs, the object began to make a humming sound. It exerted force on the water, and began to ascend. The remaining photographs were taken as the object was lifting from the water's surface.

In all, he managed four photographs before the object disappeared. He related his thoughts as follows:

"The appearance of the strange object did not scare me. "It interested me, because I believe that there is life on other planets."

The photographer also made it clear that each person must draw their own conclusions, but he knows what he saw. He feels lucky to have been able to see and photograph the unusual object.

http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/sanrafael.html :alien:

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