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Do you think a DTV-Chat Book Club Discussion Group with Times is a Good Idea?

YES! Let Me In!
No, screw that, ain't got the time and not interested.
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PostFri Jul 05, 2013 5:16 pm » by TheDuck

Spock wrote:
Seriouscitizen wrote:Count me in.

The key would be a nice first.

Once a month would be a nice frequency for events like these. A month to actually read the book. Of coarse i hope the books will be easily available either on-line or hard copy. If you need any help organizing ,it would be my pleasure.


That would be great SC. And once a month is a good idea if everyone has a copy of the subject. What do you think about the idea of me playing it over chat chapter by chapter (the audiobook) that way more people could be included that didn't have the book?

I think it'd be great but we could really do with another room so we don't have to nuke everyone who takes the piss :D

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