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Link to the chat: (guests can listen without registration)

Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that Michael Lee Hill will be joining us this coming Friday to answer questions and to go deeper into his story. Before 'THE GREAT CRASH OF 2013" Michael posted quite a few threads keeping us updated on the happenings in his life and in particular the Lake Erie UFO flap, but all those threads were lost when the site went down, so he has been kind enough to come next Friday night and spend a little time to give us his fascinating testimony as not just a UFO witness, but also an experiencer.

I first learned of MLH years ago while watching an episode of UFO Hunters. Bill Birnes and crew had traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to meet a man that had taken some extraordinary footage of mysterious orbs of light over Lake Erie. Many of the detractors had claimed what Michael had actually filmed were either car lights on the other side or helicopters, however, the lake is close to 60 miles wide, and where he had been filming the objects was inside a No Fly zone next to the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. The UFO Hunters team were impressed that the lights filmed by MLH were "very remarkable" and did not match any known police or military vehicles.

While observing additional footage at the home of MLH, He revealed that he had been having experiences his entire life. More deeply, Michael feels compelled when and where to record these events as well has having memories of face to face contact.

More bizarrely to add to the story, is that another man from Suffolk Virginia, Terrell Copeland, had been taking similar orb/light ship footage as MLH's. Because of the similarities in the cases, the UFO Hunters team had both men undergo thorough medical examinations. Terrell was examined at Massachusetts General Hospital by one of the leading doctors in the cardiopulmonary field, Dr. David Sistrum (?). Michael Lee Hill was also brought in to undergo the testing and the findings were extraordinary. Both men had the same blood anomaly; elevated levels of creatine kinase.

Please familiarize yourself with Michael Lee Hill's story here…

Think that's wild? Well, this is just the beginning. Michael's story will captivate you and touches on so many of the subjects we discuss on this forum, I'm sure you're going to have a good time listening to him.

For my guitar buddies on this forum - Michael is also a guitarist and actually won a The Ibanez/Steve Vai/Tonos guitar challenge. The story around that is just as interesting as any contact story you will hear also - and as we have pondered on here at DTV, shows that other instances of what we call paranormal, may not be unrelated.

Please post your questions here for the upcoming discussion and join us Friday night for a good time.

Remember, your questions will not post immediately, but will once approved for the thread.

I will continue to post more information in this thread, so stay tuned.

Welcome Aboard Michael! :clapper:
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..Image...this'll be good..!


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More Background from Michael Lee Hill's journal...

I have been met in person more than once by Black Op's, sometimes in not so nice ways, never more non -pleasant than than when I was attacked and had my jaw shattered in three places a few years ago, an attempt to silence me one week before I had my first CBS interview.

It almost worked, When I got home from the hospital with my jaw wired up, I could not even talk, I have had to re-learn how to speak because my lower jaw is know in a new "arrangment". So I was going to call and cancel the interview when something came over me, I thought "Screw Them", I will mumble through the interview. I will not back down.

I did the interview and their equipment began to go haywire at my house during the interview.
But we got through it.
I am sitting there watching the TV with my face wired back together and something Interupted the freaken News broadcast?

Thankfully I had the tape rolling, This is the actual broadcast...

Upload to

Well you can imagine, I was horrified, I was expecting a knock on the door from the Men in black or soemthing.

The Next Day I was freaked out and scared by all of this, being attacked and then what happened with the news. I felt I had to send what I had to who i repescted the most in the UFO field and that was David Sereda so the next very day I sent David A DVD with ALL MY footage, I actually sent him 4 DVD's just filled. I figured even if they killed me it was just prove what I had was legit.
David ended up using some of that footage in the Dan Akroyd Unplugged on UFO's DVD and then that led me to my partner ship with David on the Film From Here To Andromeda.
The strange thing is that if I would have just broken down and never did that interview, None of this would have happened, They're attacking me just in reality is the event that cause my footage to gain the attention it has now because I wouldn't have ever sent SEREDA my DVD's if I didn't feel my life was in danger.
That is how the Light works, There tricks are not working any more and in fact they backfire and result in exaclty what they are trying to prevent even more so if they do not do anything.
Here is the second news broadcast where they talk about their studio computers being shut down, the last time CBS Action 19 News tried to show my footage...

Upload to

I was then Contacted by the History Channel due to my Lake Erie UFO's going Viral on Youtube, with now over 3 million Channel views as of 2013!

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Great stuff man. :flop:

Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.

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Cool! Looking forward to it. :flop: :cheers:

Upload to

We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom. - William Bell

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the story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again my friend.

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Spock asked me to record it today, I said I would, and I did this and went a little further...



DTV Guest Chat Live Promo Michael Lee Hill 8/9/13



DTV Guest Chat Live Promo Michael Lee Hill will be on Guest Chat Live on August 9th, 2013

Website bio was taken from

Music is "Island Haze" by "The Michael Lee Hill Project" band

Michael Lee Hill is a UFO/ET Contactee, a UFO videographer and international recording artist. His extraordinary experiences have been featured on the History Channels (History Channel / H2), "UFO Hunters", Fox News, CBS News and more, in numerous videos, movies (From Here to Andromeda), in countless articles and in books.

Mr. Hill's videos of many sightings over Lake Erie are a viral phenomenon with over 1million hits - with these videos being featured in news segments and many other places. Mr. Hill continues to do stellar research in the Lake Erie area helping to contextualize the phenomena with research that helps define and offer clues to explanations about what is going on.

Michael Lee Hill is an accomplished musician (international recording artist), guitar player par excellence and his band, “The Michael Lee Hill Project” continues to enjoy success and acclaim. Mr. Hill’s study in music also includes the esoteric side and his music and lyrics often explore ideas of hidden realms and deeper meanings. Music, energy and frequency underly his philosophical excursions into the meaning of life through music.

His extraordinary experiences and his personal connection to his research, as a contactee of the Anunnaki and exopolitical analyst - is going to be part of a new book by UFO Magazine publisher Bill Birnes from the TV show “UFO Hunters”. The show UFO Hunters featured Michael Lee Hill in in a highly acclaimed episode where Michael's unusual physiology and other high strangeness that seems to be a part of his human experience.

Read more: ... z2b2atWeSE

Michael Lee Hill - Island Haze

Upload to

Published on May 4, 2012

"Island Haze" An instrumental guitar piece performed & arranged by Michael Lee Hill, off of the CD "From Here To Andromeda".

Big thanks to Tim Drenski for laying down an incredible bass track!



Upload to

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Thanks Kinni! :flop:


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