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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 7:27 am » by Easiiicom

I had a changing outlook to life (or should i say death) experience,
Going back 15 years and a month ago sharon a very very close life long family friend who use to babysit me when i was a kid me being 39 now died in a car accident, she had her 2 sons in the car daniel and nicky.daniel died, nicky in the back was unharmed they were both aged daniel was 4 & nicky was 11 months the same age as my daughter at the time.
This really affected me but what i experienced 3 days after she died completely changed the way i think/feel about death.
this is what happened,
it was around 11ish at night i left my missus downstairs she was watching prison cell block h if you remember it, i went to get in bed there was only about ten mins left,i had been in bed for a couple of minutes and heard the famous theme tune so i knew she was coming up soon, then all of a sudden it was like travelling through between 2 mountains/tunnel but more like mountains completely seeing it all but with my eyes shut,and then coming out into (trying to put it into words) a mountainous valley but epic in size and not a normal valley its as if the grass was the greenest grass ever,it was as tho i was up in the air looking down over it then to the right on some sort of mountain/cliff face edge as if i'd have zoomed into it on the ledge was sharon and daniel, at 1st daniel was stood at the side of her holding her hand then as i got closer but not close she was holding daniel in her arms,they were both smiling and waving to me but it wasnt a goodbye wave it was more like a hi wave if you know what i mean as if she'd waved at you on the street from her window,i cant stress how much the overwhelming feeling of euphoria was.
next to her was another figure i didnt see any face i couldnt say whether it was a man or woman but it was dressed in a bluer than blue (how would you say) a long cloak/drape or something it was stood to the left of her looking out over this valley,but the way the arms were held out forward and palms pointing up the thumbs were straight pointing into the palms of the hands i am going in to detail about the hands because it was as if my hands had locked into the same position when i came out of it,
again i need to stress the emotion i felt not bad emotion but complete content emotion when it happened,the whole thing seemed to last no more than 2 mins, and i seemed to come up to rise out of it,i was in complete awe of what just happened,my missus came to bed i was lay there trying to figure out in my head what has just happened i didnt say a thing at all to her till the next day after work as it was still sinking in what i had seen,but even the next day, i was a delivery driver then looking in the fields driving along everything just seemed-the land just seemed dead to what i had seen and felt thats the best way i can explain the feeling of where i seen to the land i see here if you can understand what i mean.
it was that strong what i felt and seen. at the funeral i completely had no remorse for sharon and daniel but was completely gutted for her husband,the strength of it is still with me now in what its made me believe in.
just to add she was a beautiful person aswell with a pure heart.
i really hope someone else has experienced something like this and i would really like to hear your story aswell....and how it made you feel.

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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 7:36 am » by Theklown

thisll be my first post on to dtv and probably not the last.

to start things off...
back a few years ago i was sleeping in my room, seemingly normal night, when i woke up i was in an off-beat kind of state, real groggy like, and to my surprise i connected stares with some tall, dark, lanky looking character just standing in the corner of my room. the moment our gazes connected the whole room just became filled with this dizzying scream that seemed to distort the air around it. this being a pretty simple a-b experience of waking up to seeing i almost immediately feinted after the screams began. (didnt even have the time to get up from my bed)
waking up the next day i didnt think much of the whole experience because i couldnt really even believe it had happened, it seemed all too much like a dream but it just didnt sit right in my head, it seemed much too vivid.
unfortunatly for me this only seemed to jump start the next few encounters
the next time anything happened was later that winter i think, same house, but different room.
i was asleep in the living room in the main floor when i woke up to find the time on a clock somehwere in the room, the time read 3.33, which held no signifigance towards me at the time whatsoever. i got up from the couch and kinda came to the conclusion that i felt 'out of it' but to an extreme degree, it seemed similar to my past encounter when i later thought on the event but at the time there wasnt much on my mind, atleast for a little while. i made my way to the kitchen to fecth myself soemthing to drink i think, and as i looked into lightless room i found myself staring down the back of (once again) a very tall, lanky and hard to make out figure. in my confusion i somehow mistook the thing for my brother and called out my siblings name, this caught its attention. it turned its bulbous head in my direction and its oddly shaped structure was soon to follow.
so there i was, standing a few feet away from the doorway to my kitchen, absooooooooolutely frozen in paralyzing fear, an unreasonable fear that held both my body and thoughts in complete stillness as it maneuvered its way through the doorway (it had to crouch) which only emphasized its height as it used its long scrawny claw like fingers to reach out for me, and as it did i feinted once again. a few hours later i came to and i was on the floor of the living, freezing cold (despite the fact that the heater is on) and i couldnt for the life of me shake the feeling i was under heavy scrutiny from something that was in the room, something that gave off the same feeling of fear that overwhelmed me only a short while earlier, according to my memory, so because of the creeping cold feeling i refused to move a muscle or even so much as show any signs of life. i stayed still for what i can remember was hours until the icy feeling departed and i passed out from exhaustion.
when i woke the next day, and i guess not to much surprise, i was completely out of it, i got ready for school adn made my way out the door and on the bus, when i got to school i was barraged by curious looks by my friends because i was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, in the middle of a Canadian winter.

fast forward another year down the road and we have the more 'intimate' encounter that still puzzles me to this day
i was visiting my brother at his university up in ottowa, where he lived at his own house with a few other room mates that attended the same school as him.
on this trip up i was spending a few nights there and my room was the living room in the basement with stairs at the far side of the room leading up to the next level.
so after a few nights at this place i find myself falling asleep comfortably enough despite the damp and cold, so anyways, this night seemed as normal as any other except for i woke up just at the break of dawn it seemed from the lighting creeping through the tiny windows opposite of the stairs. i woke up to the odd (what i call now 'aura' of fear) with the cold chill in the air the strong presence of paranoia in my mind. i sat up on the couch and turned to the staircase to , once again, lock gazes with a tall, menacing and shadowy figure. it seemed this time though the creature was not as tall of lanky but more solidly built, (now when i say lock gazes i mean the closest thing to it, seeing as the first time in my room all i saw was glowing red beacons for eyes, second time were large unblinking and penetrating eyes, this time i couldnt as much make out eyes as i could as to where they might be). when i put my eyes upon the thing i came to a realization, i came across the idea that maybe these things dont like being looked at. its shadowy face gazed back at me and withouth any warning or movement it disappeared... only to reappear a few feet closer. it repeated this method until it stood less a foot away from me beside the couch, since the 'aura' had taken effect upon sight i found myself once again frozen in absolute terror as it stood towering above, extending its hand towards my chest. if i hadnt of been so scared i might of even been able to offer a decent amount of physical resistance, but the physical ability was far beyond me at the time. its hand stopped just about an inch short of my chest but oddly enough it continued to push, as if holding me into the couch without touching me directly whatsoever. it began methodically pushing down on my chest, still without actually touching, and as it it did it produced a book or sorts infront of my face, and the on the paper was a list of words thats were extremely unfamiliar to me, still unsure to me it somehow isolated one word and began forcing the word into my head
as he did this unbelievable amounts of pain began pulsing through my body and yet i could not scream
it jsut forced the same word, kept pushing down on my and inflicting a great deal of pain into my body
i guess after it deemed its 'work' done it removed its hand and began to fade in and out of view once again as it made its way back out the room. i made the mistake of catching one last glance....
it immediately turned around as if it were upset, backtracked to me, and repeated the whole painful process of which i could not move from.
the next morning i woke up in an upright sitting position (never been able to do that in my life unless in a car) and i had the word 'Azzuo' burned into my head.
needless to say the event caught me off guard and i didnt see much point in telling my family seeing as ridicule would be the only product of which, so i kept it a somewhat well hidden secret for some time.
ive encountered the thing from time to time in the middle of the night, but usually the only route of reaction i will take is motionless fear because i dont really feel like having another 'touchy-feely' encounter.
the one odd thing about all my encounters though, despite the irregularity of the encounter itself, is that those things have tried to physically grab ahold of me of multiple occasions, but they have never been able to make actually connection, as if they are always just being stopped short.
if anybody wants me to elaborate on any fact i can, and excuse for any off sentence structure, im currently recovering from the swine flu lol, and feeling pretty tired
oooooooooo big bad flu, well at least in canada it isnt, they tell ya to take tylenol and get some fucking rest,

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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 10:00 am » by Thewindycity

Maybe someone from Chicago will remember this.

There was a highrise office building fire, and a woman was trapped up pretty high, like the 40th floor, by the smoke. She got on the phone, and called 911. They told her to cover her face and get under her desk and that help was on the way. She hung up and called her parents, who talked to her for over 30 minutes until the poor girl died. She wasn't rescued in time.

Move foreward 3 years.

The building was rehabbed, and new businesses moved in. I was employed for one of those companies. As was customary, security would walk each floor and log people who would be staying after 7pm to work. Quite often that was me, so I knew the security people. When he walked by I asked him how many were on the floor and he said "just you". So, Im working, and all of a sudden, right behind me, I hear laughing! A hard, loud, belly laugh coming from a woman! I went to the next office, and no one was there so I called security. They came up and searched the floor but didn't find anything. I decided to fold shop for the night and left work. The next day I relayed this story to some co workers and they kinda starred at me. Apparently, the girl who died in the fire 4 years earlier, sat in the exact spot where my office was located. I never stayed late to work after that.
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PostFri Nov 13, 2009 3:24 am » by Vertigodeath83

The house I live in and have lived in for basically my entire life is haunted. I have experienced everything from hearing disembodied voices to seeing full body apparitions to actual physical contact. There is definitely a little girl ghost in the upper part of my house and a dark tall man who seems to hang out in the lower part. One day I went to go take a nap and I laid my head on the pillow and out of nowhere I hear "Hello" clear as day in my ear. It was the little girl. Both myself and my sister have seen her running up the stairs and in the hall. I have a piano in my living room and every so often I see the dark man standing by it when I go downstairs. A few months ago I was getting ready for bed and I turned off the light and laid down. I closed my eyes and got that feeling like someone was staring at me. I opened my eyes and saw right in front of me a dark hand coming towards my face. Needless to say I flipped out and tried to turn on my light. As I did that, the light bulb decides to burn out. I panicked and ran out of my room. It was quite unsettling seeing as that in the past, I have also had covers tore of of me at night. My sister has received scratches on her leg and I have heard something calling her name out in the hall at night as well. Books have been thrown of of shelves before as well as dvd's in the rack I have. My music box which plays Fur Elise started playing out of nowhere for like 10 seconds before. When I went to check to see if it could play on it's own, I discovered that there is a latch which must be pulled completely up in order to allow the mechanism to move. I tried to explain that one away but in the end I couldn't. This is just a short list of things I live with on a fairly regular basis.

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PostFri Nov 13, 2009 3:32 am » by Spock

@ easiiicom

YES! Thank you for sharing. I've seen that landscape, felt that breeze in the tunnel. I'm sure not the same you saw, but I know what you are typing.

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PostFri Nov 13, 2009 3:45 am » by Spock

GREAT READ "theklown" !!!!!

You've touched on things I have felt as well.

Very tired - so I'll leave it short. VERY MUCH appreciate the post!
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.


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