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5/22/2012 -- FlashG / Dutchsinse tribute = thanks to viewers! + EQ precursor on RADAR

Upload to Disclose.tv

on May 22, 2012 by dutchsinse

Thanks to youtube video maker : http://www.youtube.com/conservitusprime

direct link to the tribute video here: http://youtu.be/3bYxxyK6it0

And many thanks to the multiple viewers --- too many to name --- who have selflessly, tirelessly, and independently researched all areas of earth changes... from solar storm earth interaction, to weather modification --- from political issues to energy issues --- across the board, even with the hefty criticism over my controversial theories regarding weather modification ----- millions have helped spread the word !!!!!!

Tens of thousands of you have helped bring all the earth changes issues to the forefront --- were it not for the spreading of the word via all the social outlets we have available... lives would have been lost.

Rest assured, I have received multiple personal contacts telling me to thank all the researchers for SAVING LIVES ---- literally ---- people have had their houses wiped off the map, and because of spreading the word via our channels , they knew to leave the area beforehand... and their families lives were saved!!!

Tributes saying thankyou --- im honored!!! Thank you for helping me see (in a super cool video no less) that we are all making a difference here. Im glad to be part of this -- I thank you all for sticking with me through the thick and thin!!


much love to one another!


The dutchess has a message as well... shes here with me now as I type this..

lol.. she says.. You're welcome.. and she doesn't know what to say.. :^) LOL!!! except for thank you to everyone who has shown support , and quote "i'm very happy to see a video that lets my husband know hes helping people"


The RADAR image in southern california is coming from the southwest Arizona station... YUX Nexrad..

Here are the stats with coordinates from the USGS:

http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/ ... 153497.php

coordinates: 32.677°N, 115.703°W

nexrad feed: http://weather.cod.edu/cgi-bin/radarloo ... t=BREF1&...

Clearly the flare on RADAR at around 4 to 5am pacific time.. is at the same spot as the earthquake at 8am pacific time.. (four hours after the RADAR return).


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