Dying is simple at least

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PostSun Sep 18, 2011 2:48 am » by Iamthatiam

Its an ACT or an Absence of TG....Dying?

"The Heaven's Lights are fed by the energy generated inside the furnaces of Hell; I AM One Conductive Wire! "

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PostSun Sep 18, 2011 3:00 am » by Richc

I always have one thought that keeps me grounded in regards to life and death....

If evolution is correct then humans have probably been evolving for 250,000 years at least.

Before that for millions of years humans were small things and before that microbes.

Then i think about a person, 25 years old, walking along a street, the current incarnation of millions of years of evolution.

That person is mugged and killed. Stabed or shot to death in an instant.!

Millions of years of evolution to be brought to a quick mindless end..!
So yes, death is simple but such a shame.

That is why i give everything a chance to live, even an ant..

"Theres A Storm Coming!"


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