"Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens...."

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 2:42 am » by Thepriceisright

http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/ ... rrestrials

Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists
UN should co-ordinate plans for dealing with extraterrestrials – and we can't guarantee that aliens will be friendly


World governments should prepare a co-ordinated action plan in case Earth is contacted by aliens, according to scientists.

They argue that a branch of the UN must be given responsibility for "supra-Earth affairs" and formulate a plan for how to deal with extraterrestrials, should they appear.

The comments are part of an extraterrestrial-themed edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A published today. In it, scientists examine all aspects of the search for extraterrestrial life, from astronomy and biology to the political and religious fallout that would result from alien contact.

"Will a suitable process based on expert advice from proper and responsible scientists arise at all, or will interests of power and opportunism more probably set the scene?" asked Professor John Zarnecki of the Open University and Dr Martin Dominik of the University of St Andrews in the introductory paper. "A lack of co-ordination can be avoided by creating an overarching framework in a truly global effort governed by an international politically legitimated body." The pair argue that the UN has a ready-made mechanism for such a forum in its Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (Copuos).

Member states of Copuos should put "supra-Earth affairs" on their agenda, say the scientists, and establish structures similar to those proposed for dealing with threats from near-Earth objects, such as asteroids, that might be on a collision course with our planet.

According to Simon Conway Morris, a professor of evolutionary palaeobiology at Cambridge University, anyone planning for alien contact should prepare for the worst.

Evolution on alien worlds, he said, is likely to be Darwinian in nature. Morris argues that life anywhere else in the universe will therefore probably have important similarities with life on Earth – especially if it comes from Earth-like worlds that have similar biological molecules to ours. That means ET might resemble us, warts and all, with our tendencies towards violence and exploitation.

"Why should we 'prepare for the worst'? First, if intelligent aliens exist, they will look just like us, and given our far from glorious history, this should give us pause for thought," wrote Morris in the journal's special issue.

Ted Peters, a professor of systematic theology at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in California, considered what might happen to the world's religions in the event of ET making contact. Conventional wisdom suggests that terrestrial religion would collapse if the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) were confirmed, he wrote.

"Because our religious traditions formulated their key beliefs within an ancient world view now out of date, would shocking new knowledge dislodge our pre-modern dogmas? Are religious believers Earth-centric, so that contact with ET would de-centre and marginalise our sense of self-importance? Do our traditional religions rank us human beings on top of life's hierarchy, so if we meet ETI who are smarter than us will we lose our superior rank? If we are created in God's image, as the biblical traditions teach, will we have to share that divine image with our new neighbours?"

His conclusion, however, is that faith in Earth's major religions would survive intact. "Theologians will not find themselves out of a job. In fact, theologians might relish the new challenges to reformulate classical religious commitments in light of the new and wider vision of God's creation."

"Traditional theologians must then become astrotheologians ... What I forecast is this: contact with extraterrestrial intelligence will expand the existing religious vision that all of creation – including the 13.7bn-year history of the universe replete with all of God's creatures – is the gift of a loving and gracious God," he speculated.

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 3:00 am » by Phoenix rising

This of course is secondary for they are and have always been here, lets hope in the official sence that when we do have an embassandor that the candidate is of a spiritual kind that truly represents the people and not the goverments.

There are two types of people here on earth, the people' and then goverment people!
We live a one directional life in an omnidirectional existence

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 3:51 am » by Boundlessearth

actually there here to help. Granite there maybe some malign sources but light does conquer evil, higher resonance means higher vibration, I don't care what dimension you are in. Spread the love!
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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 4:08 am » by Chrisfryfyi

i bloged this yesterday, we dont all look so craz now!

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 4:38 am » by Mediasorcerer

there are danger to us?,only if the ptb get in there first,

false flag alien invasion anyone?
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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 5:43 am » by Whaleylakeufo

ok ET shows up and pops in at the UN , the spokesperson for the UN says , heres the deal , we are the rulers of 7 Billion slaves , we have perfected the art of deception to a point where the slaves demand we abuse them and whip them , we are busy depopulating our planet currently through our favorite sport of warfare and selling them poisonous medications, food, and water , so this out of control slave race dose not use up all OUR resources , in the future we will keep 500 million slaves and breed them as needed , any questions so far?

We live in a virtual world , we are a game , this games is ending and a new one is beginning , no more masters , bankers or consumerism .

Peace there have been here forever , time to remove the tyrants

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 5:50 am » by Will69ease

" through peace shall he destroy many..."
If figured it would play out like something like this...
First, nuclear war...
Second, "They" come to save us...
Third, Microchip or die.
and most of us will.

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 5:54 am » by Will69ease

will69ease wrote:" through peace shall he destroy many..."
If figured it would play out like something like this...
First, nuclear war...
Second, "They" come to save us...
Third, Microchip or die.
and most of us will.

Oh and...

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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 8:33 am » by Dukettt

ALiens! Thay are going to boil our flesh and wear our skins! They will vaporize our buildings and poison our food! Yes they are here to help the planet! Happy times ahead!
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PostWed Jan 12, 2011 8:47 am » by Stratafire

Nah... I think I'll save some AP rounds and (when I have gone through the wreckage of this so called "alien craft") I'll be sure to document the labels with "Made in XXXXXX" and send enough of the metals and other "tech" to alternate sources of mine..

Honestly.. You really believe that more then 5% of what is seen is anything but "black projects?".. Thats 95% (at least!) that is humanities designs since even before WWII ..

The ones that are "real" (those that defy 3rd dimensional realties physical rules) are very, very "RARE" .. .. I always give them the "finger" (black project ones that is) and tell them to "F" off (very tired of seeing them since it's nothing more then eye candy and window dressing for "newbies")

When (or if) this scenario was/is to happen, then I will be sure to uncover the veil of deceit by humanities most perverse people we give the undeserving title of TPTB..


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