Earth's twin planet will be found by the end of the year,?

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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 8:05 am » by Lowsix

So why would everyone totally discount EVERYTHING Nasa has to say..
but then rely on them almost EXCLUSIVELY to make posts like this???

Make up your damn minds.
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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 8:40 am » by Hesop

Yeah, but they don't lie all the time. Mostly when they missed something, and someone else finds it in their data, or do a piss poor job smudging photo's. They collect more data than they have manpower to proof read. :mrgreen:

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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 12:20 pm » by Nickelson

NASA is walking behind the facts en they deliberately let us walk behind them, so everything what comes to the attention of NASA will come to our attention some times later.

NASA is a government company and every press release they make must be approved on forehand by higher hand (white house), so you can be certain that lots of discovery's are not shared with the public and apparently never will.

Take the discovery of water for example. The Asians found that proof before NASA did, but NASA takes the honour and then share their information with the public.
(Apparently not all of it of course)

So the only countries we can truly benefit from is Japan, China and India, because as far as I know, the indeed share their information after they checked it.

So to get back on topic, this information shared with the public is true and this will happen before the end of the year.

We will find the second Earth this year and when we do it will be a great discovery for mankind.

Maybe the dinosaurs are walking the surface of this second Earth! :lol:

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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 1:06 pm » by Nickelson

aladin wrote:
... finding a planet outside the solar system ...

We will find the second Earth this year and when we do it will be a great discovery for mankind.

? why should that be a great discovery for mankind?

Outside our solar system, there is more than only one planet like the earth !

Only the concept of a "Twin Earth" makes it somewhat mysterious.

But this is rubbish - what do you mean please all "Twin Earth"?
The better our instruments are more planets are found. This has nothing to do with a great discovery for mankind to ...

Oke that's your opinion maybe and you and I know there are other "Earths" out there, but our instruments haven't found them yet!

Kepler has a great change of finding a second Earth and with a second Earth I mean a planet similar to ours, with oxygen levels similar to here on Earth, which means life is to be found on that planet and we have the evidence to proof E.T.

Lots and lots of scientists, officials and people still do not believe there might be similar life out there.

In that way I find it a great discovery.

To find a similar Earth outside our solar system seems logical to me, because we explored almost all of our solar system already and there is no other planet orbiting in the habitable zone so there is no other planet in our solar system which is similar to Earth.

I do not understand your simplicity?

We found 400 Exo planets already, but none of them is similar to Earth, so we still don't have the evidence, now do we?

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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 1:37 pm » by Peaceonearth

The only thing I could not understand was, how could one predict the future so exactly saying 'by the end of the year'? Can you say: 'By the end of the year I shall discover a pot of gold in the Mediterranean ?' So sure? Have they already some hints? Have the chemicals been put together and the result will show by the yearend? or, is it yet another 'disclosure' that happened perhaps in november 2009...

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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 1:56 pm » by Nickelson

Oh, now I understand you - your argument is false
My argument is absolutely not false, why are you saying that?

You are looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life - but you only want to search for life on Earth-like planets?
I am not looking, the scientists are and they find it most logical to find E.T. in the habitable zone near a similar size Sun as ours.

And that also sounds logical to me. Not saying that there is no possibility of other life forms in other areas. The moon Europa for instance may host life beneath its surface, but that would not be life as we no it here on Earth.

I think this is wrong.
One again. You're allowed to have you own opinion.

If the planet orbits in the habitable zone around its sun, it only plays a minor role, the size of the planet or its sun.
I do not understand what you are questioning if you are asking me!

The conditions to find a similar Earth as ours (First of all Earth is just the name we gave it) must be exact the same AS ours as we can see it from science point of view.

So I think the term Twin Earth, misleading.
No not misleading at all. We are exploring space for a planet on which the conditions are exactly the same as here on Earth. When life is found in other conditions then we cannot speak of a twin Earth and that's what this article is about.

Is not our Mars, Venus and our moon habitable?
No they are not, only Earth is in the habitable zone. You can look it up if you want, otherwise I can provide you that evidence.

Since the planet hunters can put their blinders on even closer
I cannot agree to say Kepler is a blinder, but apparently I miss understood.

So to find E.T (Second E.T already found us) for us it is the best thing to look for a similar planet like ours; Earth.

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PostWed Jan 27, 2010 7:35 pm » by Tobygrey

Title is wrong
Statement prob fals
it should be

Discovery ofearth's twin planet will be released by the end of this year.

Becouse you cant make a statement like that, without fornolige, that would be just stupid
either they already dicoverd it or they are just plain stupid.


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