Earthfiles Hoax

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PostFri Oct 29, 2010 3:34 pm » by Majesticd

Linda is so wierd, she does good research and puts forth oustanding evidence, then she presents stupid nonsense like crop fields on her website. Maybe Linda is worth studying given that some percentage of her research is useful, but I think she had a pack with the government to spread disinformation ever since she met Richard Doty. One thing for sure that Judy Doraty claimed neither Linda or Leo gave a crap about her (speaking of him, does anyone know why Leo was so called claimed an agent by Paul B?). They performed the hypnosis, got the footage and left without even talking to her again when she was inquiring them. Linda seems to honestly be someone who does not care and that alone makes me not want to pay the small amount of money to gather the 20% of good research on her site. If you do have material in that, please share.

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PostFri Oct 29, 2010 5:19 pm » by Scar7

Ever since my "ufo" experience and not caring to keep an eye on other ufologist after, and only looking into my own case after 3 years from the experience only 2 months ago, I feel everyone is disinformation; especially exopolotics. I don't believe all is disinfo, just real info mixed with a whole bunch of disinfo, making us more confused on the truth. If someone completely lied, then it would be easier to detect, but that is not the case. The last documentary "the day before disclosure" almost made me throw up on how sly they seemed to me. These exopolotics people might not be directly involved with the government, and are just going with the mystery like everyone else, but that still does not mean it's not disinfo.

Governments have been keeping a tight lid on this deal for decades. They are good, really good. For some reason they know something is about to happen, like I do, and they have been building for this moment. Childish attempts to stop what they cant. But stopping it is not the point. Confusing us of it is their main objective. How can we trust "them" to be good to us if we don't know what their real attentions are. I say look at "The Battle of Los Angeles". That should speak volumes. People believe nothing was there or it was just "balloons" but everything I have read sounds like "my ufo". I had been given confirmation in the sky that "The Battle of Los Angeles" was the real deal. They did not attack, we attacked them. They are good, we are not; well at least now. We power the war machine and they don't. "They" want to guide us, the war machine wants to control us.

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PostSat Oct 30, 2010 9:44 am » by Majesticd

I know but sometimes ufos come down and people claim there is physical evidence that may be correct, but there is nothing like alien smarts.

Back on the subject. Linda. I know her best evidence. It is a video of whoever is doing the cattle mutilations. She did show the evidence and I know it was true. The Germans or Aliens.

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PostSat Oct 30, 2010 11:00 am » by Nilm33

Linda started with Whitley and Hoagland back in the day, they were all friends. Then the Greys decide to abduct an author (go figure) and they all embark on this UFO agenda. To be honest IMO I think they all are disinformers, or at the very least, people paid to keep legit claims under wraps or kept tabs on.

Any regular guest of Coast to Coast always seems to put me on guard. Especially when big money is involved.

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PostSat Oct 30, 2010 1:29 pm » by Mediasorcerer

yep,confusion is the tactic,the best way to counter it is USE YOUR GUT INSTINCTS!
with the power of soul,anything is possible
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