Ebola transmission by aerosols confirmed

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http://www.naturalnews.com/046276_Ebola ... sease.html

Ebola transmission by aerosols confirmed. This disease pandemic can be spread through the air in close proximity, via "aerosolized" particles. The virus also survives for days on common surfaces.

(NaturalNews) Today Kurt Nimmo from Infowars.com is incorrectly reporting that "aerosol transmission is not possible" with Ebola. (2) That statement is part of an article entitled, "Don't Fear Ebola, Fear the State" which is, overall, a very compelling article.

Nimmo is a fantastic writer and a great researcher, but in this case his statement is factually incorrect and probably needs to be addressed. As clearly explained by the Public Health Agency of Canada: (3)

"INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 - 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans."

Ebola, you see, can "ride" on aerosolized particles of blood, mucous and other body fluids. Someone sneezing, for example, can cause Ebola viruses to be aerosolized where they land on other people's hands or faces. It only takes one virus entering the corner of your eye (or the corner of your mouth) to set off a full-blown infection.

In fact, a 2012 BBC article entitled "Growing concerns over 'in the air' transmission of Ebola" states: (3)

Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species. In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them. In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and were euthanised.

Ebola survives for days outside the host
Even worse, Ebola is a strong survivor outside a host. Here's what the Public Health Agency of Canada says:

SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days. Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4 C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70 C. Infectivity can be preserved by lyophilisation.

This clearly states that Ebola viruses can survive for several days on common objects such as door knobs or household surfaces. If an infected Ebola victim runs around touching such common objects after cleaning blood or mucous from his nose, another innocent victim can easily infect himself by touching the same objects and then eating some food that places the virus in his mouth.

Ebola will be exploited by governments
The rest of the Infowars article is spot-on, saying "Ebola is being exploited and exaggerated as part of a psychological operation by government." That's absolutely true. There is always a social control component of any infectious disease announcement by the government.

As well-described by Nimmo in the article:

Disease, natural disaster, and man-made crises are routinely exploited by government as pretexts to enlarge and extend its power and reach. The state and its propaganda media thrive on one manufactured crisis after another as part of a systematic effort to ramp up the police state. The goal is not protection of the people. It is an all-encompassing surveillance state with a militarized component designed not to save us from evil terrorists or scary diseases, but control the population and maintain through fear and violence its political monopoly.

The article goes on to discuss the fast-tracking of Ebola vaccines, something that also has me very concerned because of the possibility that government might mandate such vaccines for all Americans. That would quickly escalate into a public health disaster, no doubt.

However -- and this is a very important point we all need to understand -- the fact that governments will exploit Ebola does not mean it isn't a deadly pandemic with an ability to spread through aerosolized particles. And I believe all our readers across the alternative media need to be fully informed of the risks of exposure to these deadly pathogens, just in case a full blown pandemic is unleashed across America (accidentally or on purpose).

Ebola is very EASY to catch
Even all of us who are naturally skeptical of "official" statements from the government must remember that just because the government benefits from an Ebola pandemic doesn't mean there is no pandemic happening. Yes, infectious disease outbreaks will be exploited, exaggerated and possibly even entirely fabricated from time to time by the medical-government fascism machine, but we can't let our own guard down and pretend Ebola is "difficult to catch."

It's only difficult to catch if you're nowhere near it. For example, if Ebola is running rampant in Africa but you're not in Africa, then sure, it's difficult to catch because Ebola can't cross the Atlantic and magically appear in your living room. But if you're in the same room with an Ebola victim, it's incredibly easy to catch. And guess what? U.S. health authorities are right now importing Ebola into the United States and placing an infected patient at Emory University in Atlanta. So now, all of a sudden, Ebola is here in the USA.

Ebola is considered a level-4 biohazard. If Ebola were difficult to catch, you wouldn't need to wear protective biohazard suits when being near patients who are infected with it.


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PostSat Aug 02, 2014 10:07 am » by Giovanni

U.S. Government Owns EBOLA 'Patent'! Smoking Gun!

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PostSat Aug 02, 2014 10:31 am » by Tjahzi


Although I do appreciate your concerns.

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It does exist I checked..I also found this patent for the manufacturer of the aids virus,


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PostSat Aug 02, 2014 1:07 pm » by Harbin


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PostSat Aug 02, 2014 3:56 pm » by The57ironman

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The57ironman wrote:

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PostSat Aug 02, 2014 11:42 pm » by Giovanni

Plane Carrying Ebola Patient Stopped in Maine
http://www.boston.com/news/local/maine/ ... n_headline

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PostSat Aug 02, 2014 11:49 pm » by Giovanni

This is what's coming folks. SERIOUS REPORT* BE ADVISED* LISTEN NOW !!!

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PostSun Aug 03, 2014 1:16 am » by Trip

I found this article, with potentiality a cure referenced on it but I would not trust the cure myself, im not a Doctor.

Also, does anyone think Porton Down in 1976 may of known of a cure because the man survived?

1976 seems to be when Ebola got recognized.



Ebola ruled out as man dies

Olaf Ullman was struck by a mystery illness

A German man who doctors thought may have contacted the deadly Ebola virus has died, but of a different disease, yellow fever.
Olaf Ullmann died in hospital in Berlin on Friday, five days after returning from a trip to the jungle in the Ivory Coast.

Authorities at Hamburg's Robert Nocht tropical medicine laboratory, which had been working on the case, said the diagnosis of yellow fever was held up because the man had been vaccinated against the disease.

However, some people are still vulnerable even after immunisation.

Mr Ullman who had been making a film, was being treated in a hermetically-sealed isolation unit at a Berlin hospital.

A biologist who accompanied the cameraman is also in hospital but so far has shown no symptoms of disease.

The initial theory that Mr Ullman had contracted Ebola prompted widespread alarm in the German media.

Ebola deadly to more than 50%

An outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa four years ago killed hundreds of people.

The only known case of Ebola in Europe was in 1976, when a scientist at Porton Down laboratory in Britain accidentally pricked himself with an infected needle. He survived.

Mr Ullman was being treated by medical staff dressed in airtight suits and wearing breathing apparatus.

More than 100 people who have come into contact with the two men are undergoing thorough check-ups, but health officials have said it is unlikely that any virus could be passed on, as he came to hospital shortly after getting symptoms.

It is not the first time Germany has been put on alert by a tropical disease. The Marburg virus was first identified in 1967 in the North German town of the same name after a laboratory worker who was taking blood from African monkeys became infected.

Seven people died in the outbreak.

Cure hopes

The Ebola virus multiplies rapidly in the human body and quickly overwhelms it, and in advanced cases the patient develops high fever and severe bleeding.

As yet it is untreatable, hence its terrifying reputation.

However, earlier this week a Nigerian scientist announced he had found a plant that could prevent the virus from replicating itself.

The treatment, using a compound from Garcinia kola, a plant commonly eaten in West Africa, was hailed at an American conference as a breakthrough in the fight against disease.

However, it is unlikely to be used in drugs on the open market for at least five years.

Dated: Friday, August 6, 1999 Published at 09:41 GMT 10:41 UK
From The Bbc.
Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/412718.stm


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