Egypt’s ‘Peaceful Protest’ Members Raped CBS News Reporter

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PostThu Feb 17, 2011 8:04 am » by Willease

shagrath wrote:This morning on the way to work, I was listening to a reporter for WPLR reporting on a "visit" to the front line in (some Middle Eastern country) territory. A fucking VISIT to a battle ground! He sounded as if he was reporting from a tourist site! That is all I can think of... "How can this guy sound like he is in no danger whatsoever?" It wasn't the first time I witnessed reporters act that disjointed from their job. I agree there is a level of professionalism about them; and expectations from them, but why are they so careless? Sorry but a paycheck isn't worth putting yourself in harms way to that degree. They are in a different part of the world, and in hostile territory. They should respect that over everything else. My point? She should have known better...

That is exactly what I thought. This shit won't go the way the media ever thought. What's
worse it will spiral out of control quick.
My guess is Europe will wind up in an invasion of the middle east real soon. NATO will be
obligated. I hope we can get our service people out of Europe (except England) before this shit hits the fan.
Even the fucking French want to dump the dollar.
And this girl wanted to go there why? She is lucky to be alive.

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PostThu Feb 17, 2011 9:58 am » by Iwanci

Man is what man is… like it or not !

I agree, the reporter and the people that sent her there should have known better.

I am not saying she deserved whatever they did to her, no one does, but FFS when are people going to start putting things into perspective… war zone, angry protesters, looters, robberies, gun shots, rape.. ummmm I know.. send in a pretty bolnde reporter??? Who the fuck comes up with these ideas and what do they expect?? Send in the fat, ugly, arabic looking dude.. sorry not being racist, just a realist.

Would you send your wife, daughter , mother, sister into such a situation???

Wake up smell the coffee, use that thing between your ears…

Unless of course……. You are deliberately trying to drum up a story???? In which case

FUCK YOU propagandist assholes!!!

Sorry,had to be said!
Fortes fortuna iuvat


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