Egyptian Mummies, Drugs and Cancer

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Dr Svelta Balabanova, a forensic toxicologist, was called in to investigate. She obtained samples of intestinal tissue from deep inside the body and declared that she had discovered the presence of cannabis, coca and tobacco, laid down in the body cells like rings on a tree.(3)

“The ancient Egyptians certainly used drugs. As well as lotus (eating blue lotus can act as a mild sedative), they had mandrake (which contains hallucinogenic tropane alkaloids), and cannabis. There is a strong suggestion that they also used opium (which contains up to 12% morphine).”

A fascinating article I found on SU. Any comments? ... nd-cancer/

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The thought of mummys high on weed and other stuff made me laugh - they could do a whole new mummy series of films:

The mummy and the golden spliff

Indiana Jones and the crack head mummy

The mummy returns for more coke

Pot from the mummys tomb

The mummy: The tomb of the golden crack dealer

Just a thought! :mrgreen:

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