Egyptians Push for Sharia Law

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WillEase666 wrote:
mediasorcery wrote:hmmm, i wonder how long it will take for sharia to be implemented in Syria, its the same pattern isn't it?

Iran and Syria’s warm relationship is on thin ice as Assad’s regime is being overthrown and Islam loses influence.

Keep Your Eye on Germany

Right now, Syria is Iran’s most important regional ally. But that is about to change.
On April 16, cited a German government adviser who said that in the event of military intervention in Syria, “German participation should be assured.”
Germany may send forces into Syria. This may seem strange, considering that when the Libyan revolution broke out last year, Germany did not want to get involved. Why is it getting more involved now?
Germany has a global strategy, and what is occurring in Syria fits into that strategy perfectly.

Here is the critical thing to realize: One of Germany’s primary objectives in this region is to develop an axis with Middle Eastern states that oppose Iran. Germany has been stepping up its political involvement and its financial and military investment in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. It has formed solid trade relationships with virtually all these countries, covering many industries from telecommunications to the military.
For Germany, Syria’s revolution isn’t about a humanitarian crisis at all. It’s about geopolitics and how Berlin can aggressively advance its strategic interests in the Middle East!

America has been too weak to tame Iran and neutralize its allies, but Germany is moving in and filling that power vacuum. The whole world ought to be watching what Germany is doing in the Middle East. :scary:

:rtft: un-plans-to-send-european-troops-to-syria-t79646.html

you know will, i believe you about germany, they never lost ww2, they only gave away the scientists they wanted to give to russia and usa,[and ferreted off the good ones to somewhere else] and hitler never died in that bunker either. :flop:
the story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again my friend.


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