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bradwatson wrote:Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla were involved in The Philadelphia Experiment

"In 1943, the U.S. Navy conducted a series of tests to render allied ships invisible to enemy radar. The results of these tests have never been made public. The final test, which resulted in the project's termination, has come to be known as The Philadelphia Experiment" - intro to movie

Has anyone seen the 1984 film The Philadelphia Experiment? Does anyone have the DVD? If so, have you read the liner notes?...

"As with most modern legends, details are as vague and conflicting as they are plentiful. What is concretely known about the Philadelphia Experiment can be reduced to a few sentences. A United States Battleship named the USS Eldridge was brought into Delaware Bay near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July of 1943. The US Navy has perennially stated that the purpose of the Eldridge's stay was to conduct 'degaussing' experiments which they hoped would give the ship a virtual invisibility to underwater mines. 'Degaussing' is the term used to describe the neutralization of magnetic fields. By covering the battleship in the magnetic fields as a proximity alert and therefore as the trigger for detonation. Now this explanation is not far-fetched. Quite the contrary. World War II was in full swing in 1943, and the Navy would have both ample excuse and the resources to conduct an experiment of this nature. The experiment originally titled 'Project: Rainbow' utilized basic scientific principles to help give the Navy a decided advantage in their efforts for peace.

Of course that was not the end of the story. It is after this basic setup that the accounts of the 'experiment' become increasingly extraordinary. Although no government officials have ever admitted to this, it is generally believed that at some point during the tests on the Eldridge, an electrical current was sent through the fields of wire covering the ship. Some modern day scientists have put forth the idea that not only did the Navy wish to conceal the ship from mines, but from conventional radar as well perhaps even normal vision. By sending the current through the wire, it is conceivable to create a masking effect by bending light around the ship as to cause it to appear invisible. Again, that was, and remains to this day, a theory. However the story does not end there.

Those who accept the electrical charge portion of the story are also prone to suggest the final section of the legend as truth that 'The Philadelphia Experiment' caused the USS Eldridge to displace from time, sending it from Delaware Bay to Norfolk, Virginia almost simultaneously. There are some semi-confirmed reports of crew-members from a ship docked in Norfolk seeing the Eldridge for about 15 minutes before vanishing from view. The ship vanished and partially vanished from Delaware Bay several more times during the day as the experiment supposedly progressed. There were reports of Eldridge crew members reappearing time and again, some seeming disoriented and suffering from a malaise of unknown origins. On another of the ship's disappearances and re-appearances, some members of the crew were reported to have come back fused with parts of the ship! Other wild aspects of the story go on to account for ex-crew-members suffering long-term mental illness, and even disappearing from time altogether...

There are even some who claimed Albert Einstein was present on the day of the experiment. Maybe he was. At this point, anything is possible."
- Michael Felsher

Has anyone read Secrets of the Unified Field by Joseph P. Farrell (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008)? I recommend it. (I need to find my copy, it's been a couple years since I first read it.) I imagine that everyone on this forum is aware that although Einstein wrote a famous letter to Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 informing him and the US Federal Government of the possibilites of constructing a nuclear bomb and warning FDR about the possibilities of Hitler & NAZI Germany constructing it first, Einstein was never asked to work on the highly secretive Manhatten Project. Why not? Einstein was seen as a security risk by the highest Govt officials. But in the closed nuclear physics community of that era, Einstein knew (and communicated with) all the physicists involved - including Robert J. Oppenheimer - and knew what they were working on. Einstein was very good about keeping it secret. It's also public knowledge that Einstein was asked by Vannover Bush (did I get that name right?) to work on a secret Navy project in 1943. Einstein definitely worked on a Navy project during WWII - this is not disputed by anyone I've ever heard of. What is in dispute is whether Einstein was asked to work on the Philadelphia Experiment and whether his 1928 unified field theory was the basis of the project. Nikola Tesla had also worked on this project (he died January 7 1943). Also 'on board' was the leading electrical engineer of the day --- Kron(?). (I really need to find my copy of that book.)

Possibly the most important fact disclosed in that book is not that Einstein's 1928 unified field theory was engineered in 1944 by the US Navy with his active participation in the project. According74* to the book, Einstein also sought a very simple74 equation that affected all of human culture. Like his unfinished unified field theory, Einstein died before discovering the simple 'theory of everything'.

I've discovered both unified string (u21s19) theory and plan-it theory of GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4.

*exposed gematria74

(---INCOMPLETE--- This will be finished74 later - I need to find that book when I get home)

Brad, this is excellent, but you say this is incomplete. When are you going to finish it?


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