elections for Obama.

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PostSat Jan 07, 2012 12:34 am » by Faithlost

Ask yourself a question..Who is the media trying to shove down our throats?? MITT ROMNEY. Do you question why? I think its another set up for Obama to steal yet another election. Romney is the only one who doesn't stand a chance at being President and if the media makes us vote for him they will get what they want OBAMA as a second term loser.

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PostThu Jan 12, 2012 3:12 am » by Knownawareness

The first thing to think about might be Your chosen Username : Faithlost

Without true Faith no miracles can happen no assistance can be given.

The illusion is that the country is controlled by the president or even congress. Left, Right.

Same Evil appointed by Evil monitored by Evil Controllers.

" The Master of Puppets are pulling the Strings " lyrics from Metallica

Please see that Your vote is an illusion the belief You are having freedom to choose.
The illusion that You are treated above animals. No difference just that we have nicer enclosures. The percent of the world that can save the rest is distracted by these actions and the things to buy. You allow the Jewish Zionists to call You Goyim or Cattle.
But this is just one aspect of realizing that Your are another replacable controlled cog in the system. The main goal to distract You from the inner knowing of that essence of You the unexplained known. The conscious part of You that knows as soon it is awake again after sleeping. It is this connection within You they wish to weaken with outside Movies and TV and Music and Things to Buy. Feel it the thing that makes us conscious that we are alive.


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