End of Days by Sitchin

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PostWed Nov 19, 2008 1:16 am » by Drewdatt

The translations provided by Sitchin are his own, has anyone confirmed their validity and accuracy? Several experts on the language argue that Sitchin is not completely accurate with his readings, see http://www.sitchiniswrong.com/sitchinis ... ntpage.htm

Another nice piece of info, you can look it up. Try to locate Sitchins office.
I remember reading the building his office is in is owned by Rockefeller and he has been funded in the past by the family.

But don't take my word for it
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PostWed Nov 19, 2008 6:52 am » by Hesop

from Erik Parker

"I have had my own conversation with Mr. Heiser and his attempted debunking of Zecharia's work. I did discuss with him that his attempt to personally attack Zecharia and give alleged motives for this deception is a true telltale sign that he is a simple debunker that is trying to make a name for himself off the efforts of someone else. He does not have a body of work to stand behind, but he has his degrees which does not strengthen his position on this subject. At this time in our re-telling of the Earth's true history. I would rather stand behind Zecharia who has been writing for 30 years and has 8 books under his belt, than behind any academic who is trying to maintain the old party line and take us back 100 years or so in thinking. Mr. Heiser thinks like a debunker would, that if he shows how a few words are mistranslated than Zecharia's whole work is invalid. The problem is that Mr. Heiser is incorrect about his view of the translations. But that is what debunkers do, they take a single point, distort it, try to pollute the complete work, and make a name for themselves tearing the other person's work down and making personal attacks. In fact Heiser advertises his web page as an attack on Zecharia. Don't you see how he is not trying to add to the body of knowledge but tear down the body of knowledge. He is not competing with, to raise everybody up but he competing against to break everybody down.

I have personally traveled with Zecharia to 4 countries so he could show all of us in the group the physical evidence for ourselves that he has written about. I have seen the evidence with my own eyes, and walked through ancient structures aligned with astronomical perfection. I have seen stellas, carvings, pictures and depictions all giving strength to Zecharia's supposition that have nothing to do with translating a few words here and there.

Here is some information for you that will help you decide what to write. It is a small lesson in the types of data.

Type 1 data = scientifically, testable, repeatable, observable data that all people can observe. Any human can go to the museums I have been to and see the evidence for themselves. Any human can see the ancients texts or cylinder seals.

Type 2 data = multiple witness testimony with no physical evidence remaining. For example, several people see a shooting star and then it is gone.

Type 3 data = a single witness testimony with no physical evidence remaining. For example a UFO sighting with no pictures.

Zecharia Sitchin and his work is all based on type 1 data. All of us can observe the evidence for ourselves and that is why Zecharia has had trips all over the world so we can see for ourselves with our own eyes the evidence he has written about. When Zecharia translates ancient texts he usually translates with an open mind that the stories are not fantasy but reality based, using old language and limited understanding. Most academics consider all ancient stories as myth. Even though in several cultures they have the same story."

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PostWed Nov 19, 2008 6:56 am » by Hesop

Letter from
Dawn Abel

Here is a copy of a letter, a Sitchin fan wrote me after she sent it to Heiser.

Dear Mr.Heiser:

I have read all of Sitchin's books and none of yours so far. I have my own conclusions about Sitchin's findings but I have come to some conclusions about your website (www.facadenovel.com), your challenges, and you credentials. First, having a Ph.D in ancient languages, as you go out of your way to impress upon others, does not contribute to more than contemporary orthodox translations and thinking, or you wouldn't have gotten your Ph.D.

Second, being a Messianic Jew myself, I can tell you that Christians, despite all of their studies and Ph.Ds in ancient languages, could not possibly interpret Hebrew correctly nor other language texts that were written in ancient languages by Jews because you do not understand the Jewish context in which they were written. So, too, do I have an issue about your criticisms of Sitchin and his knowledge of the Hebrew and ancient languages spoken by the Jews.

So let me get this straight: what you are saying is that someone who is Jewish and has spoken and read Hebrew and other ancient languages, from the context of that written by Jews and Hebrews, can't possibly understand how the languages translate? I think you have it backwards. Based on your information, it appears to me that you are no more than another Christian fundamentalist trying to prove your apocalypse theories by taking someone else's lengthy and difficult life's work and turning it into a travesty for the sake of fundamentalist Christians.

This is no different than what the Vatican did when it tired to turn the Dead Sea Scrolls into documents intended only to support their form of Christianity and as both the Vatican and the Southern Baptists did with the New Testament. You might want to read the Jewish New Testament. Maybe it'll humble you but I rather doubt it.

Again, I have not read your book and I am sure there is some valuable information, if not new, about the UFO experience, but I am part of the UFO community as well, and have had my own personal experiences to draw from. Maybe you should do some real scholarly research and come up with something creative and new instead of leeching off of someone else's detailed life's work for your own advantage. But I guess that would have taken you another twenty years and you wanted to make sure you got your name in the limelight before then.

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PostWed Nov 19, 2008 4:44 pm » by Kirkeous

The disturbing part of the Sitchin work is the Sumerians gene spliced their DNA with that of a primate (ape) or Cave Man, if I am correct? I am told our brains are part reptile. How did we get reptile DNA?!? When you read of the Mayan's God Quetzalcoatl (his name means feathered Serpent) also was a reptile type God. We seem to have a relationship with reptiles in our bodies and ancient history. And who made them?!? What was there religion? According to Sitchin these "Gods" were given a time to rule based on the star clock. They all respected the throne of Anu. Who took this throne by force. The home planet of Nibiru theoretically can explain the astroid belt after the collision with Earth. And the long orbit is not unfathomable when there are some objects that take 100s of years to make an appearance. The Sumerian writings leave a clear understanding of planetary configurations and an advanced alien hierarchy of administration to civilization. And we are obviously compatible with them because hybrid races were created from unions. In my opinion the whole planet will be transformed in a fraction of a second. Holy Books speak of a new body for man. And this transformation will happen in a "twinkling of an eye". In universal terms being so close to the Galactic Center could produce the charging of the sun (through my son) with Gamma, Nuclear, X-Rays and therefore transform the earth through a solar cloud. Particles beamed to earth in an instant.If Stichin is correct then their return is imminent and it will make the Obama campaign look like a high school play. Will the real ONE GOD please stand up?

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PostWed Nov 19, 2008 5:23 pm » by Pindz

qiqiba wrote:
estanislao wrote:Just finished Sitchins latest book - The End of Days.

Wow, he wraps up ancient history in a perfect little package - amazing!

I've read the 12th Planet and The Lost Book of Enki (both excellent)
This latest work is the big picture.

Although he doesn't confirm 2012 outright, it is included in the many possible dates for Nibiru's return.

P.S. the age of aquarius is Enki's house

How can anyone take Sitchin seriously????

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how can anyone take you seriously you little gay-disinfo-agent

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PostThu Nov 20, 2008 1:30 am » by Kirkeous

I think what you should have issue with the 22,000 Sumerian clay tablets in various museums including the British Museums. I thought this was a serious forum! What's up with the name calling! Kind of immature. Let's reason from a healthly place please!

I am not supporting Sitchen. I have my own mind and I have looked at some not all of the tablets. I don't think anyone likes to hear EVERYTHING began in Africa. So in the beginning EVERY person was BLACK. Hmmm. Even the ORIGINAL so called chosen people. Science has confirmed we all ORGINATED from an African woman. The last fragments of the Mayan hieroglyphs surrounding 2012 will be the return of the Black Head People and Black Earth. It is what it is.

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PostTue Jan 06, 2009 10:25 am » by Snoreta

Such a book! Sitchin's latest book - The End of Days is really a remarkable book for the consumers. I also want go through it.




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