End of the World Choice

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PostThu Oct 28, 2010 9:19 pm » by Buhdoo

sockpuppet wrote:I wouldn't choose a specific culture, but I would ask that the small ones, pure and innocent, would be allowed to develop their own culture.

This would surely be the right choice.. If our young ones, the little ones could grow up together away from hateful media.. racism in song lyrics and news articles.. if they could grow up together and see each other only as brothers and sisters.. that'd be the way to do it

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PostThu Oct 28, 2010 10:31 pm » by Eeeeeee

I Think The Importance Of Human Kind To This Earth Should Be Reviewed First. Then We Can Flip A Coin On Who Stays & Who Dosn't Stay. molde9@yahoo.com.mx
Secret NWO Agenda...
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PostThu Oct 28, 2010 10:50 pm » by Wolebosevobasa

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HA! I would tell them in the most calm demeanor possible to quite simply go fck themselves.

Fair to say I'm not being entirely serious here, so let's play with the idea shall we :) .

let us suppose survival of the fittest is paramount to evolution and that it isn't a localized symptom rather it is universal. Let us suppose our notion of unified conciousness and peaceful coexistence of all the colors within our visible spectrum is but an illusion that keeps us docile and manageable and we cannot escape the evolutionary bottleneck that eventually sorts us out in a horrific event to create a singular supreme monotonic being, be it black or white or whatever ;) . If I came to the crashing realization that this is the highest inescapable truth. That let's hypothesize, God was really nothing more than a nerdy rogue alien that wanted to create his own physical, living obedient party on this little cosmic rock so he could satisfy his less than godly urges by his rules, but that politics got in the way and the little fun bio toy gained self awareness and broke out while they weren't looking. If it comes to that, then I would offer them a fun challenge they probably wouldn't refuse. I would tell them to allow the bio toy in its ecumenical splendor to do as it wills for a few thousand years, to flourish, intermarry, fuse, create new things every day, to grow basically. I would tell them to return at the end of the agreement, reveal the intentions and give them a few years to organize a defense strategy and then face them in the ultimate combat, to the death. A last man standing sort of thing that does away with the divide and conquer tactic and instead upholds the unite and fight one, we're inferior right so why be afraid of us, and a couple of thousand years isn't much measured against the age of our universe. But I do not feel this is the way...

Take a look at the sky at night, do you not believe there is enough space out there for every manner of things to flourish, all the exquisite colors of the spectrum both discovered and not to be savored in a visual sensual organic spectacle of motion and emotion. Cosmic sex. Meet, unite, create or meet, divide, destroy. ;) be, let be, and every now and then get freaky and mix polarities. why not. Screw absolutes.

Either way I would not choose the systematic eradication of a species. I've seen how artificial order can sometimes prove to be more hazardous than natural chaos. We seem to try to control excessively and in the end we enslave each other to monotonic lifestyles.

Then again just when I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and self righteous cuz I'm on the "good guy's" side and I'm having a feel good train of ideas, I realize one of the biggest difficulties in my life has been the cancer in my household. In a microcosmic-macrocosmic relationship, the question rises in a sort of bitch slap way, how does the same pink happy logic of be and let be apply with the cancer cells without commiting suicide? How do you mix just enough of everything to gain enough wisdom to understand why? Heh the act of scratching your itchy arm involves both a certain level of destruction and a clear will of DOMINION. Ah maybe the binary value of a choice is influenced by conciousness... Haha how do I justify myself and my logic except by facing the fact I do not know shit.

Oh yeah I'm somewhat of a mut so maybe I'm biased. Trickster archetype imo ;)

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PostSat Nov 06, 2010 1:21 pm » by Skiponline

otomon wrote:Let us assume that aliens came over to Earth and said "Tomorrow we will come and destroy everyone on Earth EXCEPT for a single culture,now decide amongst yourselves who gets to live and who gets to die"...who would you choose? How would you choose it? It is a tough choice,I am personally from Mexico but I would not choose my culture... because I have no facts to defend it as the culture who deserves to live,we committed many mistakes and are not perfect,so what do you folks think? I will hold my answer until I hear some replies.

I would logically and simply look into history for which (still existing) culture made the least trouble in its existance...

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PostSat Nov 06, 2010 1:39 pm » by Redwoodrick

I choose the wooly tufted chuck-back parmisson varmint.Pretty sure his record is clean :D
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To be honest I'm not even sure what "alien" means. Alien to what? The universe is teeming with life.


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