EU ruling Gay Marriage not a human right

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Christian voice shares with us that the EU have made a court ruling on gay marriage and it is not a human right.

EU Court Rules Gay Marriage is NOT a Human Right
Homosexuality by Robin

European Court of Human Rights

The ability for same-sex couples to ‘marry’ is not a human right* European judges have ruled.

The landmark decision comes only days after the UK Government opened a consultation on the implementation of gay ‘marriage’, based on their belief that same-sex couples in the UK are being deprived of a human right.

The case went before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg after the French lesbian couple, Valerie Gas and Nathalie Dubois, complained that they were being discriminating against by not being able to adopt an 11 year-old as a couple.

The judges declared that those in a same-sex partnership cannot be expected to have the same rights and privileges as married couples, adding, “With regard to married couples, the court considers that in view of the social, personal, and legal consequences of marriage, the applicants’ legal situation could not be said to be comparable to that of married couples.”

Please see the link for more information.

Personally, I do not have an issue with gay marriage, better to be in a committed one+one relationship, than to have multiple homosexual encounters. However, bringing children into it is a different matter all together.

If two people cannot have a child together naturally than it is because they are not meant to have a child together. This EU decision comes at a time when Elton John and his partner are co-creators of another surrogate child.

Last week, there was also one of the first high profile same-sex marriage divorces in the news, and the break-up is going to be costly. My feeling is that once the same-sex marriages start getting stung financially due to divorce, gay people will not be so keen to marry. Especially the men.

What did Jesus have to say in the scriptures? He said accept them if you can, that some are born like it and some are made like it by men. However, he also gave a prediction that people would not marry in the last days of the end times and that they would be like the angels in heaven.

Prophet Isaiah predicted that they would be given a new name, and to live in accordance with the will of God.


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