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PostWed Nov 24, 2010 7:52 pm » by Mystery747

wolebosevobasa wrote:what does it mean to dream of...

1. A triangle with a dot in the middle.

2. A woman comes out of her house running towards you, smiles at you embraces you, then asks you why the sky smells like sulfur, and you tell her something you don't understand, you say "because the sun is nearing, it's close."

3. A white beast cat, dog and snake mutation. Another beast, half lion half scorpion mutation. Both trying to kill you.

That's deep. You have some serious power animals or you do rituals of some sort my guess! One was a definite astral voyage to another place.

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PostWed Nov 24, 2010 8:04 pm » by Oldsoul

Well, I stand corrected:) I got a mail from a friend who does identify this as the one called st germain of the snake families.
Wow...I wonder if he is deliberately using Adams appearance? Something to wonder about huh?

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PostThu Nov 25, 2010 2:14 pm » by Dukettt

This is a image of real you. Your real identity bleeds in to simulation sometimes. It is a bug in the programming and will be corrected in the future updates. In reality you are attached to a machine, that can play out a lifetime in a few minutes of real time. Don't be alarmed, we need to contact you in this part of simulation to remind you, that you have only 20 life credits left.
Here is some more backgound.
It is year 3314 and this tecnology allows you to live multiple (thousands and thousands) lives in one life time. This is still quite expensive, but cheaper and faster tech is in developement that will simulate a lifetime in seconds, instead of minutes, giving you so much more time to live different lives. (pre-order yours now, so no lives are wasted!) Why other people see your image too is simple, you have lived their lives too. In this virtual reality wich you are connected to, the recordings of lives lived are played too if the timelines match.
Please contact us trough this message board if you have any questions.

SimLives Customer Support
canubis wrote:
a hill goes up not digs itself into a grave newbie.. lol i made the word LOL in 95 on ms CHAT orels ill be saying ROFLMAO fkn n00b

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PostFri Nov 26, 2010 3:57 pm » by Memccool

it is actually a face that looks similar to many faces. Like I know this guy that looks like it could be his twin
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