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Ever seen a UFO close-up? Tell your stories.

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PostWed May 23, 2012 11:01 pm » by Doogle

Kinninigan wrote:Here is a UFO ID chart.... :flop:


Dunno if that helps in my case, saw it from underneath!

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PostThu May 24, 2012 2:53 am » by X-mog

I'm getting tired of writing this over and over, but the jist of my story is On June 19 2010, I saw these kind of UFOs.

Upload to

-Curious highlight at @ min, 15 sec or so.

When I saw them, I attempted to count them so as to give an accurate account of the events to my loved ones and I could not. They appeared to be dividing and converging without incident or collision, though I can say there were approximately a dozen orange orbs which did not appear solid to my eyes.

I recall another eyewitness passing by me as I gawked into the sky saying: "What do you think those are?" I replied: "Weather balloons?" he smiled. That guy was soon approaching 70 or so. What the hell was a 70 year old doing out after 11:00 pm? Those guys usually hit the sack around 7:00 pm where I come from. He was also walking noticeably fast towards the business district. He looked as though he was running from these things.

That's when I became convinced these things were from another world. Then from a random formation, these things suddenly became fixed in a pattern; perfectly ascending at the same speed and distance from one another into a lenticular cloud. A perfect, dark grey

One last wave of doubt swept over me as I watched some videos of uavs perform similar feats. Then, I soon realized that They can't be uavs. They didn't come out of that cloud, as I stayed a few minutes to see where they were going. That's one thing about UFO videos that send off red flags to me: Where did they go. Many UFO vids end abruptly, which I find very fishy.

So many of the seemingly insignificant details of my account are so odd that I'm convinced "You mean to tell me that chinese lanterns magically guided themselves into that perfectly shaped oval cloud and completely vanished from my even better than 20/15 eyes exactly....EXACTLY at the break of dusk?... ... ...You sir are the moron!"

-My mom told me when she was pregnant with me, a strange orange orb followed her car for a while. :ohno:

Furthermore, I remember when these type of videos were fresh in that same year: (2010)

Upload to

The following day, I saw one of these objects on the horizon at about 3:00 pm on avenue K south. It moved slowly away at a constant rate. At the time, the only camera I had used 3gp video so I didn't even bother taping it but I for one can attest the validity of these occurances as a real time phenomena and definately not mylar balloons as some critics have theorized.

Only other thing about this one is that it maintained the same altitude for at least an hour. It was still there when dawn broke but the sandman got me and I hit the I'm back in black. :soundblast:

P.S. If you would like to hear more, either read my old posts or shoot me a pm.

Posts: 722
Joined: Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:34 am

PostThu May 24, 2012 4:40 am » by X-mog

Truthseeker2k11 wrote:...The following day, I saw one of these objects on the horizon at about 3:00 pm ...

Sorry, :oops: that's 3:00 am, yes, 3 in the morning.

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PostThu May 24, 2012 4:56 am » by Newearthman

Closest thing to a ufo I've seen...

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PostThu May 24, 2012 8:02 am » by One-23

The reason I stumbled across DTV probably like quite a few people here is an experience I had in early 2010. Always been a keen sky watcher from when I was kid


Vid has now gone but the explanation says it all and I'm convinced it was something anomalous :flop:

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PostThu May 24, 2012 8:19 pm » by Doogle

Cheers TS, NEM n Cage.

TruthS, only about 6 weeks ago, I was at work and whilst driving between jobs, I saw a really out-of-place cloud. The sky was blue, but there was this dark, almost symmetrical cloud slowly drifting and I thought "stop staring at the cloud, people are gonna think your weird, it's just an unusual cloud".
Anyway, within 10 minutes, my pal (a lurker on here) phoned me pretty excitedly and asked if had seen the cloud - and the orbs dancing in and out of it!

NEM, I hadn't seen that before. At 4.42 and 4.46, the aircraft; is that normal activity as far as you can tell, or were they taking a look? Interesting all the same.

Cage, damn it, I missed that post. I'm in Brum and a mate (not the same guy as above, I know several people into this shizzle) has been seeing, amongst other stuff, the splitting and merging things through '09, '10 and '11. Shame, one of them could have been on the same night as your sighting. We'll never know now, the guy doesn't bother keeping a record any more, he says there are too many.

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PostThu May 24, 2012 9:20 pm » by Doogle

Come on guys.

I know it's hard if you've had close-up events to talk, but there must be more of you.

George & G3n, has anything else happened since? Has it had a big impact on you? How has it shaped your life, if it has?
Are you at ease with it and understand it, or does it still confuse you?

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PostTue May 29, 2012 10:56 pm » by Doogle

OK peeps.

I've stood underneath one.

Was a kid on my back step and looking up. There it was, no lights or anything, was dark, but there was something lighting the area. Despite being dark I could see it clearly, a classic saucer - from underneath. Smooth and metallic looking, but no seams, no obvious apertures, just this grey, circular, metal thing.

It then moved up the row of houses.

Next day, I told all. Everyone either humoured me or had some sort of memory of it (I can/will expand on that); But one person said they saw it too. At the time, he described something that moved over the houses then just sat there, then shot off at incomprehensible speed. 30 or so years later ( 6 months ago) and I ask him about the "weird experimental plane" over my house. "Oh yeah, it was definitely there" he said. I said "experimental" craft because I had no idea whatsoever how to approach the guy all these years later, we'd kinda lost touch. I bumped into him and it's bugged me my whole life, so I thought, now's my chance to bury this, just do it.

It ain't buried though.

There are other out-there aspects to this story, but I'm not sure this is the place (?)

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PostWed May 30, 2012 11:17 am » by Shendao

I don't normally discuss but a recent event has left me 'off centre', I'll include it at the end.

1971 - sitting in the back garden with my biker mates drinking, some of them were stoned off their faces. We were sharing 'scare stories' as teens do, it was a clear night sky with no moon. We'd started talking about aliens when my buddy shouts 'did you see that!' over and over. Looking up we can see a large fleet (we counted between 24-32 depending on which stoner looked) of pin point lights flying in formation in space. No sound at all, but there were bright flashes of light like sheet lightning i.e. no forks or trails. Lasted maybe 10 mins.

1976 - I had finished my 'on call' duty at the hospital and was walking home, in those days West Bromwich was on the edge of the city so I used to cut across some fields (now M5) and up a lane. It was around 4am and I was watching the stars on a pleasant night.

Looking up I saw the stars just disappearing to be replaced by inky black and as I got focus I saw it was a huge triangular shape. No light, no sound, and right above me. It was moving slowly south east, direction I was walking and I felt nothing except awe (in the truest sense). I just watched this beautiful 'thing' sail across the sky.

Since then I have been fascinated by UFO's etc but despite seeing some odd things those two incidents stand out. Which brings me to the present and an event I have no understanding of although the people who I sent a report to tells me other people have given similar testimonies. I've copied and pasted it as I wrote it originally.

Date : 17th May 2012
Location : Chipping Campden, Glocs UK
Event Time : approx 03:00
Duration : unknown but less than 1 hour
Local sunrise time listed as 05:08
Witnesses : 1

I was woken up by the sound of the starlings which are currently nesting in the eaves, the window opposite the bed was showing 'daylight' through the wooden slatted blinds so I first thought it was just the dawn chorus.

Then I heard a deep sound begin, the best way to describe it is as follows.

Imagine the whoosh of a helicopter rotor blade but slowed down to one revolution every 2-3 seconds and then drop the sound to sub-woofer level so it is 'felt' as well as heard. The gut feeling of a very loud 'drum and bass' session where your internal organs are hit. No high frequencies at all, that is the sound.
There were three revolutions of the sound only.

Timeline is best described as -
1. Woken by the sound of the starlings
2. Saw the daylight through the slatted blinds
3. Birds suddenly stopped singing
4. First revolution of sound - I was sitting upright in bed thinking 'That's not a helicopter' and paid attention.
5. Second revolution still sitting upright but halfway through the revolution I felt the house lurch to my left. I'm still sitting there thinking 'Earthquake?'
6. Third revolution, I hear a voice clear as day say 'Lie down and sleep'. Pleasant male voice, so I did just that and the sound just stopped as I lay down. It didn't dwindle away, fade, it just stopped.
7. I must have gone to sleep immediately as the next thing I know the alarm has gone off and it's 05:30.

Once I was up and ready I checked the house and gardens but there was no sign of a quake or damage to anything. I also checked the position of the bed on the carpet as I thought if it moved the impressions where the feet originally were would be visible but no apparent movement was showing. My conclusion was that it wasn't the house that moved but me, I had somehow been shunted to my left just a couple of inches.

The whole incident did not leave with any sense of forboding, just curiosity and and a feeling of 'its ok'.
I did notice that my skin was reacting to light touch creating red marks but unraised. I do have ideopathic urticaria but that reaction is usually wheals. It subsided my midday.

Additional notes. The house is situated outside the village, no street lights and open views over the countryside so the bright 'daylight' I saw through the slats couldn't have been lights from any local source. We do occasionally have military planes and copters pass by but I am conversant with their sounds. I have held a private pilots licence since '95 so regard myself as competent at recognising various aircraft. This sound was totally unknown to me and it neither approached from a distance nor faded into the distance.

Given there were only three revolutions the episode appeared to last only 6-10 seconds, but 'internally' it felt longer. Geographically, the sound was loudest on my left to start and right to finish so that would put any line of travel (if it was a copter) SE to NW

End report.

Since then I seem to have 'lost direction' which is the only way I can describe it. I am no longer sure of what I am doing or why and have an urge to go into the hills for a month, which is something I last did when I was 16. The feeling is similar to 'foreboding' but not with the same angst, my friends just think I need a holiday :hmmm:
You are an immortal being, so stop freaking out about losing another body!

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PostWed May 30, 2012 12:25 pm » by Endor

Back in 1995 when I was 15 years old,me and 4 others of around the same ages slept on the beach for a night.
We didn't catch much or any sleep that night but we did catch a glimps of things in another dimension.
I was actually just about sleeping when the other woke me telling me to stop throwing sand in their eyes mouth and ears.I then told them I was not doing that and it appeared like it happened to me too.
Then one of us walked around this tower thats on the beach ,next to our hole against the dunes,with all this equipment on it for measuring sea-currents is what i heard.
The 3 others claimed they saw a white or black ghostly thing near her,years later I found out a person died on a swing due to a heart attack years before we were there.
Not much later when were all laying down again one person said: HEY!! A UFO!!
now really close to the ground,are really big round flying caucer flew right over us,slowly,soundless and only just over the dunes and dissappearing in the fog over the sea.
It was like the length of a bus but then round,the middle was a big round blue neonblue energyfield leaving only a dark ring around it wich was inlayed with 8 small lights in 3 colours.
A little while later one of us said there was a person on a bike coming our way,but ofcourse by the water,we were against the dune.
When we all saw this 'person' it was someone with a black ehh blanket..suit..with a cap-cape..sorry my english.. It then came clear as it came closer there was no bike and it appeared to float by.
It was like a floated,it wore or was a black in harry potter..
I allso jumped up and ran to the shore all jumping and stuff,after we thought we saw a little glassy bulb on the water with a blach dot in it,and ran back.then everybody asked me what I had done.they claimed they had all seen me going fastforward like when you fastforward a video.

I have seen 4 more UFOs in my life.

one of them was so weird..
I was walking down a shoppingstreet and spotted the,it was not the was like the moon,but smaller,and within the atmosphere,hanging like frozen in the air.
I decided to keep looking at it and walk through the shoppingstreet wich was in its direction.
it must have been a mile away or something.
as I came to the end of the street with the object still in sight a truck backed up making some turn and blocking my vieuw for a few seconds.I walked around it quickly and then the object was gone.. :headscratch:

I was in a car with someone once.
there were a few stripy clowds on a clear day.
I see this light wich is normally a plane and its not moving.I pinpoint its location withe the couple of stripy clowds as an indicator for its position,I dont know why I was looking at it like this but!!
I took my eyes of it for like 1 second or less and it was somewhere really crazy other position and not moving..
I decided I was certain about this and told the driver this crazy thing..while we were both looking at it next,we both took our eyes off for a split second and it happened just like i thought i just imagined..
It had moved again!!to like the other side of the sky,now above one of the upper left stripy clowds while it was underneath on the right side of another clowd..and it happened again.

whatever it all was or is
we seen a black reaper and a starwarsUFOdisc on the same night,with multiple people...
I allmost forgot!!!

After the last thing happened on the beach!!
to get onto the beach where we were,ther were two beach was like a mile to the north,
the other like little over half a mile to the south.
it was about morning and from the right side there came 2 people and from the left there came 1 person.
they met exactly where we were,only they were along the shore and we were againts the dunes,and were holding little machines like mobile phones!in 1995..after our UFO sighting.
the strange thing about this was that they left alltogether! so they were no strangers to eachother,carrying mobile phones?they came from both directions!they all leave together towards the south.. WHAT??

It was the beach of: Egmond aan zee,The Netherlands


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