Ever seen a UFO close-up? Tell your stories.

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PostFri Dec 20, 2013 10:40 am » by DarkHeart

I have seen multiple UFOs close up of various kinds, but don't talk about it any more due to MILABS & being messed about by RV black ops types.

Seriously, if you have real experiences keep it to your self, you don't want to go through what can happen.

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PostSun May 18, 2014 12:14 am » by alexwright94651774

In 1973, when I was eleven years old, my mother and I were reading in the newspaper about UFO sightings. Just as my mother was reading this headline to me, a headlight from the street beamed in our window and my mother quipped "There's your UFO friends now". The thing is, our home was on the top of a small hill, and the road behind us was parallel and below where we were sitting. When this sank in, we jumped up and ran to the window. There, across the street, floating above the sub-power plant was a gigantic "ship" (for want of better word). It was easily the size of the entire power plant and about 15 to 20 feet above it. It was shaped exactly like square pillow (four sided with concaved sides and concurved top and bottom). There were a series of coloured lights on each side with larger "headlights" that were white. As any eleven year old would do, I started for the back door to go out and see it better. My mother, was terrified and yanked me back inside. By the time we got back to the window, it just started to lazily bob up and down a bit, then suddenly tore off at a 45 degree or so angle so fast that it just left a light trail where it was and disappeared in a blink.

For years now, I've tried to find sightings of UFOs that match the craft I saw, and so far none come close in description. I tried checking out the chart show elsewhere on this site of UFO types but the examples are too tiny to properly discern.

A big problem I've had is that my mother is no longer around, so I don't know what city we lived in at the time (we moved around a LOT), so I could check newspaper articles. All I know is it was in Ontario in 1972 or 1973. Can anyone recommend a site that my be a good resource to track more info?

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PostSun May 18, 2014 12:24 am » by Cosmine

jefferykennethboxall wrote:hi yes i have seen a ufo it was in 1987 in south oz about 4.3o in the afternoon on a Sunday picking up my girlfriend from work on a country road 20 mils from Adelaide it was about 500 to 1,000 meters from me hovering over a clump of pine trees in a field to my right it was a large dick shape and very shinny i did see the clouds reflecting of it it was at least as big as 2 jumbos tail to tail and thear was no windows or doors as i was driving i just could not stop the car but as i got down the road a bit i stopped and look, back and it was gone , and i have seen plenty moor over the years any one like to no moor get in touch jeff.

He,he! I saw that one too....master of the universe...
I think the balls are the forward part do!



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PostSun May 18, 2014 3:31 am » by Loky

Many people on this thread say they first saw a UFO close up when they were young.

Same goes here, I was 9 years old, just going to the shops in daylight.
What I saw is not on the chart, the object was a large cube, dull grey in colour, hovering silently above a house, from memory 30-40 meters high, across the road from the shop, no lights as it was daytime.
I discount it been a balloon of some sort because there was no basket, no guide wires, there was a pattern to the object, balloon technology back then 1977 then not as advanced as today.
I remember asking people about the object, but no one was interested to come out and look.
I then went home to tell my mum, then the object was gone.
I remember going out for a drive with my family later that day, and I saw the same object but at a further distance, I found it odd that I saw it twice in one day in different locations. To this day, I still wonder what it was I saw.

I also had an experience while drinking beer with my friend on the balcony in his garden, I was then 29 or 30 years old it was 1997/8.
It was dark, suddenly lights from above us from shone down on us from approx approx 20 meters above us and the house, no sound.
The next thing I remember was saying to my friend as the lights went out: "that was strange, wasn't it?", he agreed and we carried on drinking our beers.
All I saw was the lights, there was something operating the lights though because they moved onto us, because of the nature of looking into bright light, we never saw a craft, we never investigated time loss.
Again what could suddenly light us up from above a house, there were no logical explanations like installed lighting.
I have found press releases for the UK RAF military reporting UFO sightings around this time

I am now in my 40s, but the memories are still as clear as can be expected

Hope this helps...
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PostSun May 18, 2014 3:57 am » by theclone19

The year was 1977 in the town/city of Council Bluffs Iowa. I was 5 at the time. My two sisters & I were cleaning out the detached garage while my single mother was frying hamburgers on the stove. We had a German Shepard I named Ben (after the bear on Grizzly Adams). It was around 9pm & very dark out. You could usually hear the cicadas but not that night.
I remember clearly my sister Pam having a corn broom & my sister Kathy moving boxes & other items so we could sweep underneath. I had a deck broom that was much taller than me.
Ben started barking but it wasn't too invasive to the neighborhood, just two barks here & then three barks there. We called out his name from the garage & told him to cut it out & he did, for a minute. He started again & we yelled Ben- that's enough! Once again he would be quiet for a short time. He was straight out from us inside the garage at the end of the driveway. He started barking again so I went out with my deck broom walking up to him saying something like, "what's wrong boy"- "what you barking at, huh?" Ben was looking over at an old gas station that was cater-corner to the West of our house about four houses down & separated by a street.
I know what I say next is going to sound a lot like episodes from the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind but it is what it is & I've lived with this truth for 37 years & don't really talk about it.
This old gas station which is still in operation today only upgraded (I think a Conoco), had those old gas pumps that would ding on every gallon. Well they were dinging! The dim grungy lights that showed the numbers were fading in & out. As I looked inside the station, the lights were doing the same fading in there. Papers & other debris were flying all over inside the station as if multiple huge industrial fans were on. The little closed on one side & yes were open on the other, suctioned cupped to the glass door was swaying back & forth by its string. I'm not sure what sure what I seen first since being four houses away & a small two lane street, the view was pretty spacious. I was taking a lot of abnormal stuff in at one time.
Inside the station was a fast moving beam of red solid line. This beam wasn't flickering but precisely moving all over the place. I associated the papers flying all around due to the red beam as if it were the cause. Obviously I've seen the UFO up above by this point. I just don't know how to accurately describe everything at once in words. This UFO was huge, not just from a five year old perspective but fricken gigantic, I'll get back to that. From the center of the UFO came a solid red beam directly over the gas station. I would say the beam was about six inches wide. It was a soft neon red beam like that of a laser pointer through colloidal silver water but solid. The beam was perfectly straight from craft to station but at the point of entry (the roof) it was moving all around inside. So the beam had a joint or junction at which it could move.
So now I'm observing the complexity of this UFO. The UFO was at tree level height. The under carriage was loaded with all kinds of architectural ins & outs. It definitely wasn't smooth. The outer edge was between our house & the neighbor to the east of us. I could see portals/portholes around the edge. The edge was about twelve feet tall. The portals were about nine-ten feet in diameter. There was nothing but white light inside the portals but it never lit up anything outside in the distance like trees or anything. From my point of view I seen three to four portals around the curvature edge but I assume they went all around the UFO. The thickness of the portals looked to be at least two feet, it was rather thick. The color was a blackish grey. I couldn't see the topside of the UFO from my vantage point.
The UFO made absolutely no noise. No hiss, no rumble, nothing. In fact I remember hearing no cicadas either. I stood there with my hands grasping onto the deck broom pole with my cheek resting on my clutched hands. Ben was still by my side. I lifted my head & called out to my sisters to come here, quick! They came out & said something like OMG- get mom! They ran back to the house. It was at this time I was actually observing the UFO. This whole thing was probably 3-4 minutes, like I said there was a lot to take in.
My memory pretty much stops there. I don't remember seeing it take off fast or slow or anything. I don't remember my mom coming out but she says the girls came running in the house frantically saying there's something out there & that when she went out there was nothing there.
My family was pretty dysfunctional throughout the decades since. I haven't lived in Iowa since '79. My sisters split from the family early & live in different states, we don't talk. In fact there was only one time that this incident came up back in the late 90's when my sister Pam came out to visit. I brang it up & she started talking about & then asked me what I remember of it. I told her I wanted her to tell me everything she remembered before I gave my input. I had to correct her on some points like the layout of the house & some of the order of events that took place ( she said I had an incredible memory for a 5yr) but after refreshing her memory she totally agreed. I guess after all the years that passed I just wanted to know that I was sane & that it really did happen. I haven't seen or heard from Kathy since 84', we never talked about it then either.
Last year I went to the Pottawatomie assessor website. There I was able to get aerial property lot maps. They have a measurement function you can use with the cursor. I put the cursor on the middle of the gas station, hit escape to reset the footage. I then dragged the cursor east to the middle of the houses & got a measurement of 350 feet. This UFO was 700 feet in diameter.
Sorry for the long read, thanks for letting me share that for the first time via the internet. A few other things I wanted to mention, I did not see any extraterrestrials & throughout all these years watching shows like unsolved mysteries or videos of lights in the sky or pictures of hub caps in the air were always frustrating to me because what I & my sisters seen was up close & highly what I call "architectural" body. I'm not saying that lights & hub caps were not real in some cases but never have I seen anything to date on TV or the internet like we did back in 77'.

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PostSun May 18, 2014 6:14 am » by chatterman

Back in 1972 my whole class watched a silvery disk shape pass over our school.
it landed about 300 yards away on the other side of the road in a field of long grass.
2 kids from my class decided they would go across the road and see and i decided to look as well.
We left our classroom without permission and our teacher was yelling at us to stay inside but we did a runner straight to the field.
We climbed over a barb wire fence and started running towards the spot where it had landed and we were about 50 yards from where it was when it lifted about 20 feet up , hovered for a few seconds and then it shot off straight up so fast within a few seconds it was gone .
That was the first time and i remember it very clearly as if it happened yesterday

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PostThu May 22, 2014 9:09 am » by RATRODROB


does contain course fckn language

I filmed this last weekend whilst prospecting about 15-20 kms north of Ballarat, VIC Australia in the Creswick national park.
I made 4 vidoes all up that run for over 30 min all up, add to that 10 min that I watched it before videoing started and a number of breaks in between filming, this means the light were in the same spot for at least 50 mins or longer.
it only moved (using fingers at arms length) about 1-2 inches to the left then about 1-2 inches straight up then just went out over that time.

I were at first very reluctant to post this as I open my self up for ridicule, but im not sayin this is aliens just that it were very odd.
was it other campers with head lamps, head lights, flares, I don't know.
I were looking pretty much south toward ballarat, I could see the faint glow of ballarats lights in the sky just to the right of where I was filming, the moon comes up about 80-90 degrees to my left, also when the moon is on the horizon it rises a fair distance in one hour, this light didn't barely move.

sorry bout the quality of video. my cam is a Everio, JVC . Its digital but not HD, its the same cam that I use in all my prospecting videos. it works good at day time but it struggles for quality at night, I probably havnt got it set up for night or something, I have figured out that if I turn on the "gain" its better at night but its always still pixally or grainy at night, anyhow heres the first vid.

I have tried to provide as much reference as possible, unlike someone else here, I included my self in the video, the area around me, the stars above, my fire and my car all recorded without a pause in filming.
this I hope proves I did in fact film something and its not CGI or other fakery, I probably filmed something completely mundane.......??
I were camping alone, off the track into the bush, I had consumed about 7 cans of beer at the time, being alone at night and a bit pissed in the bush probably had me more excited than I may other wise had been.

I don't care if its debunked as flares etc, I just know that ive camped out here many times before and not seen this before

Upload to Disclose.tv

im still uploading the other 3 videos on youtube, ive had two failures during uploading and have had to restsart twice, hope fully the others will follow soon.

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PostThu May 22, 2014 9:28 am » by DarkHeart

RRR, what was where you had the cam pointed in the daylight ?

If it was the sky, is there any history of "min min lights" in that area ?

Kudos for having the balls to post it knowing how most such vids are recieved on here mate :cheers:

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PostThu May 22, 2014 9:30 am » by Innosent

DarkHeart wrote:RRR, what was where you had the cam pointed in the daylight ?

If it was the sky, is there any history of "min min lights" in that area ?

Kudos for having the balls to post it knowing how most such vids are recieved on here mate :cheers:

Me too. You're not one of them. As if an alien spacecraft is gonna hang around some fat guy for hours. :alien51:

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PostThu May 22, 2014 9:42 am » by RATRODROB

DarkHeart wrote:RRR, what was where you had the cam pointed in the daylight ?

If it was the sky, is there any history of "min min lights" in that area ?

Kudos for having the balls to post it knowing how most such vids are recieved on here mate :cheers:

DH, I were filming just above ground level, if you look at the last 3 videos in my "THE PROSPECTING THREAD" you will see I am deep in the bush and all you can see is bush, min min lights are not from here I don't think, this looked like one small bright light moving very slowly amongst the trees at a distance and lighting up the area around it.

Innosent, thanx for the compliment hahaha, your right, aliens would refuse to take me as their craft couldn't cope with the extra weight, you young skinny fcker, wait till your in your 50s hahaha

The more people i meet, the more i like my dog

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