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PostSat May 24, 2014 11:49 am » by RATRODROB

DarkHeart wrote:
RATRODROB wrote:Hey Darkhart, I looked back in my vid cam and I still have a few recordings of prospecting that I have not yet uploaded to my prospecting thread.
if you watch this one, its filmed on the same day as I filmed the light at my camp spot, you will see my car and fire and at the 4.14-4.15 min of the vid, pause it and that's pretty much exactly where the light was, anyhow here is a day light view of where I was.


Rob, I think it most likely was a UFO, its certainly clear that you thought it was one at the time & from the last night time vid, it was like "Blair Witch" :lol:

The light was the wrong colour for a fire & if it was headlights or a torch it would have moved around & had a beam going in a direction.

Lights that don't give off a beam or illuminate the surroundings in one of the features associated with UFO's

I have read theories & accounts by "contactees" that the kind of thing you witnessed is to do with "energies", which makes me wonder if anything of significance happened at that spot or if it holds meaning for the Abos (although a lot of that knowledge has been lost).

One other thing, if it was a UFO that was looking to abduct someone it wouldn't have been visible or hung around like that, most of those are specific programs & are done on strict time tables not as random "drive by" type events.



Gee thanks DH, now ill shit me self every time I go out alone, ill have to take me missus out more, she is better looking than me so "they" will hopefully take her.................... :peep:

I think I posted all this in the wrong thread as its generated almost no interest, I just tried to make sure I videod all my surroundings including myself so that no one could accuse me of fakery, that's why jerimyr gets such a ribbing because he provides nothing but a twinkly light, no reference points, nothing.

any way, im goin back out more regularly now as its much cooler now and I will always take my vid cam, I don't think what I filmed was aliens, just a UFO.
I do believe in alien life, I have seen the typical orbs on mass, I told Willease about it a long time ago.

:cheers: Darkhart

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