Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks

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PostTue Jan 10, 2012 3:35 pm » by SamueltheLion

iwanci wrote:I can tell you a case of someone close to me who had been diagnosed with cancer and given several months at best to live. After going through all known traditional medical remedies and given ZERO chance of survival the daughter embarked on an alternative medicine campaign and hunted down at any cost alternative solutions. Apricot kernels, rife machines, juices, diets, etc etc etc. The mother miraculously recovered and it was declared that her cancer was in remission. The doctors further commented that they could not explain what was happening and that this was nothing more than miraculous! She left the hospital returned home, continued with the alternative therapy, re-established her weight and life was great... this lasted for approximately 2 years before she was diagnosed with cancer yet again, this time the cancer went through her every bone. She died within months.

Iwanci i sam am truly sorry for your loss and also for our past discussions/digressions.

It does sound like a miracle that she recovered at all, and, wasn't it a different kind of cancer?

i wanted to share these links with you.

i was troubled by what you said, and a little bit ashamed of some of the things i have written, here and in other places. i almost had the thought "i wish i had cancer just so i could prove i can heal it", but that's not a good wish.

we all make mistakes, i hope there's no enmity between us for mine.
sometimes confusion and or excitement gets the better of me. sorry.


Upload to Disclose.tv

http://www.theintentionexperiment.com/ amazing experiment, you can do it, experience it first hand. in my experience, i noticed, the best effects come when you are totally silent and self-less about your choice and the energy you send. don't tell anyone what you're doing, don't glorify yourself. it backfires xD
to heal others with belief, you have to believe that you believe, too.


Upload to Disclose.tv

Listen to the amazing statement bob beck makes: he says, the real problem for americans and people of this world is not that the medicine is not available, it's that people have a death wish.

bob beck: it's proven, and i will prove it to you tonight, and i want you try it and know it, that you can cure hiv, epstein barr, aids, cancer for the price of chewing gum... all cancers are caused by parasites... [living beings]

you gotta be pretty damn confident to speak like that, and as for me, i cannot detect him lieing.

i have 2 zappers at home, which operate at different frequencies and i DO notice they make a difference. I DO! i just don't have any allergies/intolerances/sicknesses or diseases myself.

i also have an elixir which cured my common cold, something "modern" science still struggles with. why does it struggle? because it's all bullshit.

90% of research money goes into damage control

knowledge is power

and like dr. jones said, a lot of dr.s in the medical institution do not have the best intentions at heart. they secretly like having knowledge and power over their patients, and manipulating and stealing their money, with things which don't really cure anyway.

someone said: the dr. of the future will not so much be someone who cures people all day, but someone who teaches people to cure themselves.

imo, we need to transmute the death wish into a life wish.

we need to correct that.

, i am glad you see something in my words. sometimes i doubt whether it's there.
but i keep getting validation. not from logic, but from things that happen to me, people i meet. states i get into.


god bless all of you (:

Thanks Sam, good luck with the move mate. Whether Jesus lived or not, does that even matter ? Can we refute what he stood for and what he said whether he was a real living human or not ? I can't and i certainly give this the man the benefit of the doubt. I have attempted to live by Jesus' principles, i get massive rewards spiritually for doing so when i get it right, but you see how evil the world has become, you have to pray to the great creator for guidance, strength etc you realise the weakness of flesh and Earthly desires. I know god forgvies us all if we'd just ask. I know i am on the right path lately as like i have said, i truly feel like a 2 year old kid again, i look at 2 year old kids and they look back at me and smile, it's like we could stare into each others eyes and be happy for all eternity. Oh boy, love, what a rollercoaster. In death we will all be delivered, paradise would be nice lord, i would like be be a part of it ASAP.

thanks jones, always happy to hear from you, glad you're still on this forum & didn't leave,
good to have similar confirmation from a rebel-lion like you ^_^

imo, corroborating sources and crunching things down with logic seems to be the way to arrive at "truths". but then there is the matter of belief. you have to believe no matte what anyone says, and you cannot get there just with logic. what is the thing we actually believe in? it's so... obscure. the object of belief is so vague. i believe in a better world, a better tommorow, a better future, one in which we do not have to hide our truths, but can proudly proclaim it. maybe if we are brave enough, we are already at that point.

it's amazing when you do believe, and i don't think the kind of fulfillment you get from it, can be souhgt anywhere else. all in vain. people have spent life times gambling, would that i could tell them, take part in god's gamble, it's much more exciting.
YOU'RE the thing he's gambling with, LOL!
Your faith will make you whole

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PostTue Jan 10, 2012 6:15 pm » by Drjones

Yeah Sam, with some belief, some faith, god has got our back always, that's why we have NOTHING to be afraid of, it's challenging for all of us though no question. This system has got to go, and i think this year it will be well on the way to being abolished. It's not going to be pretty but we must endure. :)

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PostWed Jan 11, 2012 5:57 am » by Iwanci

Mr Mule, we WILL have our disagreements, NO DOUBT as we both sit on different sides of the fence on various matters, the religion that is supposed to bind us, actually separates US!

Having said that, it is fortunate for us that the fence that separates us is actually on the same block of land. So while we agree to disagree have no fear for there is ZERO animosity between us, actually the contrary, I am NOT the font of all knowledge (as you will agree) and I, like everyone else, needs to be challenged, this is how I grow and I welcome the opportunity to reciprocate.

I often say that the truth is in the contradiction, whilst I do not agree with everything you say or anything that revolves around religion, I truly admire religious people for their conviction, their belief is strong, this is a sobering trait, one to be respected. You Mr Mule are a gentleman and are very well versed in many areas, I do believe that I may not be as well researched as you, however, I do believe that I use a different side of my brain to formulate my conclusions, this provides a balance in our combined thinking.

If you were a local Mr Mule, you would likely be amongst the people I call friends, for the more different we are, the more likely you will find similarities. How boring would it be if we were all the same? If we all thought the same? If there was no one here to challenge or be challenged by?

The true show of strength and determination, and the ultimate sign of maturity and human belonging you can have, is when you can vehemently disagree with someone’s thoughts as they cut against your grain in the utmost manner, and still have no animosity towards that individual. This is how I respect you Mr Mule.

WE, the people of this earth, need people like YOU and ME, for I believe that between us we offer a unique opportunity, the opportunity to show what religion should be doing, but doesn’t quite manage to do... unite the human spirit. This is, Mr Mule, the will of your god and in-fact of any god that can be conceived, this is ALL that a god could possible want from his people. The unification no matter of the differences, rather than the division due to the differences.

Not sure if you drink... but.... :cheers:
Fortes fortuna iuvat

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PostWed Jan 11, 2012 8:03 am » by Drjones

The true show of strength and determination, and the ultimate sign of maturity and human belonging you can have, is when you can vehemently disagree with someone’s thoughts as they cut against your grain in the utmost manner, and still have no animosity towards that individual.
-Nice work. :clapper: :flop:


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