EVERY humanitarian "NGO" referenced by iluminati media=fake

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EVERY humanitarian, human rights & Co "NGO" referenced by illuminati media is nothing but a propaganda tool

From Amnesty International to Greenpeace, EVERY humanitarian, human rights & Co "NGO" referenced by illuminati media is a tool CONTROLLED by illuminati agents propagating illuminati lies to the human cattle.
Some of this human cattle works for these organizations, even for free, without understanding that they are working for those that they supposedly fighting.
Although these illuminati talking heads mostly play the "sistem is evil" role (1), every report produced by these organizations serves only one general goal: disinformation.

Illuminati agents masked as "international human rights groups" - Example Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch is an illuminati tool masked as "international human rights group".
Example of a "'Human Rights Watch" "report" from October 14 2012: (2)

"new evidence ... , which now apparently includes dropping cluster bombs ... Human Rights Watch said the munitions in the video were Soviet-made. Before its collapse, the Soviet Union was a major arms supplier to Syria."

The goals of this "report":

1. Question ("which now apparently includes... ") the fact that illuminati puppet Assad uses cluster bombs against the population, with a preference for hospitals and schools (3). This is exactly the same tactic used by his masters, when 1999 they introduced cluster bombs in the battle of Armageddon, having NATO bomb Serbia for 77 days, 24 hours a day.
2. Divert from the fact that these cluster bombs are supplied by NATO to Assad, serving the Soviet Union as culprit. Note that they did not go as far as to blame Russia directly (the ultimate goal, implementing "black is white"). Reminder: Russia does NOT produce or use cluster bombs.

(1) The ** 3 basic role types ** for illuminati talking heads, reduced by Matt Marriott
http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-The-3-b ... t-Marriott

(2) Syria using cluster bombs: rights group
http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/wo ... 6495970764

(3) Syria Assad ordered to go chemical, Turkey Erdogan to occupy Syria. Iran Ahmadinejad MUST NOT fall - Libya fake war script repeated in Syria

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