Evolution aka Unfolding of Being and Intelligence

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Intelligence is a quality of Being unfolded and unfolding.

As unfolding of Being intelligence is something that referres to conscience.

Being aware of conscience is nothing else but the unfolding Being entering a status of self reference - Being starts considering itself as Being unfolded and unfolding.

Self reference of Being - intelligence and conscience - is unfolding from there on in manyfold ways. This means the term "quality". From there on all perception of unfoldings is always referred to Being's self reference - it is impossible to lose the realm of intelligence again or to lose thinking. The new quality - intelligence - has become a nature of a perceiving subject.

Thus intelligence is not preliminarily a "brain thing" but an unfolding of Being which happens in the brain or occures in the brain. Intelligence is not an evolution of the brain but an evolution of the Being taking place in brain fields.

Thus the question "Is an ant intelligent?" can not be answered fully - for every subject giving an answer is not free from self reference affection but infected from it. Everything the subject claims is "coloured" from it.

So the only effective way is letting go of the ant and seeing another unfolding of Being in it. If the Being loves to unfold intelligently into an ant it will happen. We are limited in space and time and capacities. We almost know nothing. Why should not be an ant an intelligent unfolding of Being?

Finally: what does it mean researching the brain? Actually this happenes - the intelligence of brain looking to the brain as a tool producing intelligence in order to understand and look to the brain... You see the circle? What does that mean? Can an brain intelligence research a brain - in fact itself - which produces this intelligence for researching? There is the self reference pattern again...

A very last remark. Is it realy unusual having the animism statement that all in universe is inspirited or souled? In this regard we really need a humble and reluctant attitude...
Hope is the thing with feathers...
Emily Dickinson

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