expedition to Greenland to find "MYSTERY OBJECT"

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 2:42 am » by Yerathrall

This is a call to ACTION resulting from the many posts on various forums about the mysterious rectangular gold object sitting half covered in snow in the heart of Greenland.
I've recently felt a very strong inner calling to go to Greenland to investigate the 50 mile long and 4 mile wide MYSTERY OBJECT that Google Maps has shown since its inception. and there has been serious debate as to what it actually is since that time when its existence was finally made visible to the public .Since there is NO object on earth that is 50 miles long that is not man made, it is obvious to me and most everyone whose seen it that this site bears serious investigation.
I have perused all the many posts on the web on this topic for about 2 months now and I have yet to find any reference made to what initially clued me into the existence of this ARTIFACT.

In 2004 I read a book which mentioned this very artifact. It was described as being a 50 mile long cylindrical object buried underneath the ice and snow in the center of Greenland and its existence was revealed through sonar or seismic readings or something. Needless to say I'm now DYING to find this quote again. Because at the time I read that quote, this object was NOT visible and certainly practically unknown to all except by this mysterious author (perhaps it was Zecharia Sitchin?)
AND so 6 years after reading that mysterious account I suddenly get a flash of inspiration to go on the web last month and see if there's any mention of it on the web.

...Only to stare in utter disbelief at all the YOUTUBE vids and such on this object!
And to actually SEE this thing that I'd read about with such avid curiosity for the 1st time...?!
It was like suddenly I had the wherewithal to realize that everything I've been told was WRONG.

It was truly worriesome to me that this object is just sitting there for some vast and unknown reason likely for untold millenia like some gargantuan Pandora's Box waiting to destroy our concept of the world as we know it. Just Sitting there and NO ONE has run across this thing?
No one has flown over it?
(But we may assume that it only recently was revealed by the melting snow but all the same...).
Even more disconcerting is the fact that the ONLY mention of this object came from the general public on forums like this and on youtube videos made from google earth.! No news stories on this object that I've found whatsoever! Isn't it high time we got some info on this thing from somewhere?

Then there's the account from a fellow on another forum who says he TRIED to hire a helicopter just this past June to do a flyover of the area and was told it was RESTRICTED AIRSPACE. And then he promptly received a phone call from the Danish embassy inquiring as to his business in Greenland!

Interesting how QUICK they were to respond to just the POSSIBILITY of an investigation into this matter...

Folks this mystery is simply to HUGE For me to ignore, hopefully too huge for US to ignore!
This is why I'm determined to go there and see for myself and I hope to have some enterprising adventurers join me in my endeavor!

So YES this location is to me the most mysterious in the WORLD (with the underwater cities in Lake Titicaca and India's Gulf of Cambay not far behind.

Mainstream Archaeology seemingly has NO INTEREST in discovering anything
too disconcerting about our past let alone our origins, so trust me folks, we can't leave stuff like this entirely up to them. Because it seems their job (as THEY understand it) is to
take everything that remains mysterious and unknown about our planet and explain it all away in the most mundane of all possible contexts. Sorry to say this flies in the face of everything I've experienced in life, namely that TRUTH Is often WAY STRANGER than fiction and there are more things in heaven and earth....etc.etc.

These tired old professors seemingly work very hard to prove that building the pyramids wasn't THAT hard and no, those are NOT lightbulbs, airplanes and other lost technologies emblazoned proudly on so many egyptian edifices as if crying out to all the ages of man to recognize the fact that "YES! Once upon a time WE could do all these wondrous things and so much more!"0
And they went to unimaginable lengths to prove this very point..

I will be going to see both Michael Tellinger and David Icke at their speaking engagements here in the Bay Area (October 3rd and 23rd respectively) and I look forward to hearing THEIR thoughts on this subject..Hopefully they've heard something we HAVEN't.

But more than anything I think its high time we organized an expedition to this site! I've checked into the logistics and to my understanding the only way the expedition could be made is by cross-country sking or dogsled. There are NO roads in the vast majority of Greenland (obviously) but cross country dogsled treks can be organized. So this expedition could really only happen during the summer months

Now I ask you all...
is anyone out there foolhardy enough to join me in my attempts to change the WORLD?
For I have a strong hunch that once this thing is unearthed, our understanding of the universe will change dramatically. As a learned individual recently pointed out,, for something so vast to be sitting there under the ice so deep, it is very likely 100s of THOUSANDS of years old. Discovering a piece of technology 50 miles long and 4 miles wide from millenia gone by would certainly change MY world (and likely everyone else's)!

But TIME is most definitely of the ESSENCE here because at the rate the ice of GREENland is melting I have a sneaking suspicion that SOMEONE had better get there soon so as to puzzle through its existence and purpose on our planet before the ice all melts away and it sinks to unknown depths before our eyes.


ANYONE CARE TO SIGN ON for a road trip to the Gods!?
Anyone interested in supporting this expedition financially or assisting us with grant proposals/ fund acquisitions? Any ARCHAEOLOGISTS out there interested in joining me in making a cutting-edge discovery? (actually I imagine if there WERE they'd already have begun excavating the site by now...)

Icelandic Expeditions offers Specialized Custom tours and cross-country skiing treks for anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 and round trip flights per person will run near $1,000 apiece from here in the states.
if SO contact: yerathrall@gmail.com

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 2:53 am » by Tiamat

Yea i checked that thing out on google earth,and found that its just a mountain partially covered in snow.

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 3:12 am » by Grows

Uhh, hate to tell you but it's a visual artifact. If you examine the object in Google Earth, the camera tracking lines easily visible in the orange area below the 'object' are perfectly parallel with it for the entire 50 miles! Unless the global mapping system was callibrated using this object, the only conclusion is that it's a visual artifact.

Additionally, if you examine the Western area, the landscape which should be disrupted by the object is in fact 'superimposed' over/under the discoloration.

It would be a great trip, but if you expect to find more than snow and nature you will be dissapointed.

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 3:14 am » by Fairymama

Very strange, this does not look like a mountain at all. see it here...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Ho6xXu ... re=related

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 3:24 am » by lamonema

Kinda looks like a CGI.

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 3:27 am » by Cornbread714

I think it's a digital artefact too, in fact i'm positive, but welcome anyway!
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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 5:40 am » by Explorer

South west of that there is a blacked out area on google earth :look: . Does anyone else see it/ A black strip about 10x40 mi.
The main object when rotated looks like a ship on it's side and the clearer part on the left looks like the rear of a freighter :think: :think:

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 5:49 am » by Savvymalloy

I just hope you don't spend all that time and money to get there just to find two giant JPEGs overlapping one another...

Good luck to ya though :flop:

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PostMon Aug 16, 2010 6:18 am » by Shrike12

It looks like the reflection of a wing of a plane to me.


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