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I am just simply exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and
Conscious Dreaming...

Have you ever said something was "only" a dream, "only" a coincidence, or "only" your imagination?

Have you ever received information that seems to follow another in the correct sequence...?

From a cognitive standpoint, imagination is magic because it is the most powerful way of gaining understanding known to both men and women. Whereas knowledge – especially the more rational and logical brand of it - gives you the understanding of what you can comprehend, imagination embraces the whole universe in one effortless mental rush.

Seven keys to imagination. What are those keys and why are they important to recognize and understand?

1. trade on mindset – the ability to embrace an open and positive mindset that unleashes our imagination.

2. Customer obsession - we must be totally focused on how our cherished dreams will benefit the customer.

3. Purposeful mission - our dreams and aspirations must have a strong and ethical purpose that all stakeholders can passionately embrace.

4. Wiraqocha leaders - the term is based on the ancient Andean leader whose actions were guided by five qualities: wholeness, tolerance, walk-the-talk, generosity and patience.

5. Tikunacuy - again this is based on an ancient Andean custom of trying out, of experimenting before making total commitments.

6. Gentleman's promise - here the concept is making a total commitment to realizing our dreams.

7. Common glue - there must be strong bonds to hold the stakeholders interest together toward the realization of a shared dream. http://blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com/2011/04/piero-morosini-seven-keys-to.html

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Off subject:
I have noticed people commenting on others for their grammar, writing and usage of words...

This is where I come from when witnessing such remarks...I was fortunate enough to skip America's mind-altering educational system. I was laboring eight to ten hours a day at the age of fourteen. I have labored hard my whole life and the fruits from my labor have helped myself and the people I love survive...In return these same people had taught me many things, including connecting, grammar and writing...

I enjoy learning big new words and playing with them...

My point being that my whole life is plagiarism, I am always learning from another, expanding on it through my own imagination and creativity...

In addition, I have learned so much from the Dtv members, so much, so that it has drastically changed my prospective on life for the better, also helping me grow and express myself through poor grammar and writing without fear :cheers:

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My thoughts are scrambled and all over the place, but hey I would not be me if they was notImage
The earth is what we all have in common ~ Wendell Berry

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