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Noentry wrote:
Willynumbnuts wrote:
OFF Topic?

Murder is fucking off topic?

That says it all really.

Murder is fucking off topic?

Human life destroyed, killed and it's fucking 'off topic' - I thought DTV was about exposing the 'truth' - murder is murder after all, now that's some fucking truth, ain't it?

But apparently not for DTV.

Joke time. Real joke time. A REALLY SERIOUS ISSUE and it's fucking off topic.

What next for DTV? Maybe it will join the 'Disney Channel' and we can all dance around in sunlight and smell the flowers, and sing 'What a wonderful world'.

That's it. Goodbye.


Wow nice rant :shock:

Murder is serious I agree.
Can you show me the proof or links proving this is an aborted fetus?
Or are you just stating your opinion about this story?

A 1.5 meter mummy of an aborted fetus clearly confirms the existence of prehistoric giants xD

maybe they were pro choice even back then xD

exzciting stuff though.

According to Egyptian sources, the alien mummy was discovered by Dr. Viktor Lubek, Czechoslovakian citizen and retired professor of the University of Pennsylvania. Archaeologist located the hidden compartment while conducting an investigation into a small pyramid south of the main pyramid, Senusret II, which contains the queen of the pharaoh. At the site also found some gold and clay mixtures covering the body, and traces of cloth linen like appearance, the skin covering the enigmatic being.

a DNA test would be nice =)

And hawass was ousted like a year ago
http://www.thenational.ae/news/world/mi ... from-power


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