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Eye on top of Pyramid

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PostWed Jan 30, 2013 7:27 am » by Canubis

Im bak and off my ban and WHATS THIS??? a thread about an eye on the pyramid?

iv seen the artifact and in my post have the image for the text under it, also illuminated under black light and has a constellation..

AS FOR an actual EYE on the pyramid i also do think there may be something under the layer.....easily distinguished ontop of the great pyramid. iv been saying it for years...but who knows...who honestly gives a shit what i say...
All is 1 but 1 is many, When many become 1 the All will become Greater then 1

there is no end (offline)

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PostSat Jul 13, 2013 8:55 pm » by Tjahzi

interesting thread.

love the ways of seeing series :flop:

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PostSun Jul 14, 2013 10:28 am » by Svaha

Some shamans describe a divine being that looks like an eagle with one eye.
This one eye strips down duality 'till nothing is left but oneness.

The eye on the pyramid is the One, all seeing eye, it sees the truth as it is without judgement, beyond duality. The whole pyramid is symbolic for the path that leads from the 4 (8) sides on the bottom to the center at the top, so something humans can achieve.

Because this structure is build like it is it also has meaning / function in many other ways, it is for instance also like a power plant with an anti pyramid above it.

Follow your bliss(ters) - Joseph Campbell


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