eye witness to a ghost sighting

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PostMon Aug 03, 2009 11:14 am » by Harrylime

the following story is true as it seemed related to me by my son-in law , he,s a fit tough guy about 25 not given to flights of fancy, a sceptic, down to earth and level headed , last monday morning he left his home in basford nottingham , at 3 0clock am to head up to scotland were he works mon-thru fri, anyway he normanly turned left and got on the 610 to the motorway, however for some reason he turned right which meant he had a little detour to get back on the 610 it was a clear night a bit chilly but not raining however it was pretty dark, he drove by the fire station on stockhill drive, which is the back of were we live , he said the pedestrian crossing went on red, which was strange , he slowed down, he said he hoped it would soon change to yellow, he was about 15- 20 mph, he glaced accross the rd and noticed a vary old man old trilby styled hat v necked sleeveless jumper and light shirt, darker trousers, the lights remained on red, the guy did not move he saw him raise his finger? as to point or press, he seemed vary strange his face didn,t seem detailed , his eyes he said wern,t right, the lights change, he sped off , looking to his right and back thru the rear view mirror he wasn,t there, he says he was spooked, and the hairs stood on end, he even glaced around the back of his van, he related the story to me, made light of it i could tell he was a bit distubed by the sighting, appirition, my daughter told me it did indeed move him that later still traverling he called her to tell her what he thoght he had seen,

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It's common to hear recounts like these and probably more common if you consider how many people dont talk about something they dont either understand or are uncomfortable/ frightened about.
An incident happened in my neck of the woods near a factory and caught on security CCTV to boot, dissolved form of woman in old style Victorian clothing, but the factory owners didnt want any negative publicity so it has been forgotten about almost. I wouldn't mind betting that the tapes gone missing also.
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