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PostSun Mar 11, 2012 8:42 pm » by Eeeeeee

U.S. Must Do The Work Of The NWO Dictator. All Non-Submissive Puppet Nations Must Be Invaded Before Years End. A Unipolar World For 2012. In Responce Russia Has Warned To Hit All Major U.S. Cities With Nukes If Iran Is Invaded. Russia Dosen't Want To Wait & See What Happens After...All It's Allies Have Gone Under. The Fear Of Fighting The NWO All By It's Self. :cheers:
Have First Hand Experience On False Flags...Scary. NWO Wanted To Use Me On A False Flag Operation. Discovered Their Maneuvers & Fled The Good Old U.S. I Couldn't Believe That My Nation Had Betrayed Me...
Survival Man 1
Secret NWO Agenda...
Islam Nations & Others Are Being Used By The NWO Hybrid Dictator Genius To Overload The Earth With Blind Violence. This Hybrid Is War From His Hideout At Dulce Underground Base But When He Surfaces He Will Be Called Peace.

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PostThu Sep 03, 2015 5:42 am » by aaxiss

Well if it came down to it I would rather see israel bombed into submission than let then cause any more death and misery int the middle east. I have a feeling the US secretly with israel has plans similar to what happened to Libya, and look at the state of that country today, a total mess that has set them back at least 30 years.


White people get called out for being racist, black people get called (white) out for not being racist enough.


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