Fanged-Frog Pictures: 9 New Species Found

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PostFri Aug 19, 2011 7:33 pm » by Blaborde1488

King of the Jungle
Photograph courtesy Ben Evans

This frog, so far known only as Limnonectes species T, is one of the nine new fanged frogs discovered on Sulawesi.

Unlike on the nearby Philippines, where fanged frogs compete for resources with other frogs, Sulawesi's fanged frogs have no competition. As a result, the Sulawesi amphibians have evolved to fill many evolutionary roles, Evans said.

What's surprising about these frogs is they are so closely related but so morphologically variable"—or physically different, Evans said.

For instance, Sulawesi's fanged frogs all share a common ancestor that lived just 15 million years ago, yet they've rapidly diversified in a "striking" way, he said. ... 00x450.jpg

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:flop: learn somethin' new everyday.....


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