Faster than light travel

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PostWed Sep 19, 2012 6:34 am » by Boatman

Richc wrote:Faster than ligh travel. Hmm. I think the trick is to not move at all but move space.

I guess thats what Warp drives do but the energy required to create enough mass to warp space is so huge it probably couldn't be obtained.?

Talking about faster than light. Try and answer me this. Its bugged me for years.

If mass cannot travel faster than light then how can we be here where we are, look back through space at the big bang and the light from the big bang hasn't even reached us yet.? Well how did we get here before the light.? :bang;


I'm no scientist but i think it's like a bean. You put pressure on one end, and it shoots off. The same as that scientist explained in the Video about Detergent. It's a fascinating subject though.


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