Fear + Doom + Gloom + Fear mongering = Slavery

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PostSun Oct 10, 2010 1:21 pm » by Godsofatlantis

Hello all,

Have you all noticed that for thousands of years we have been under the rule of Doom, Gloom, Stress, Anxiety, anger???

We all know that fear is what is keeping us from doing nothing. People tend to wait until the shit hits the fan then does something. Fear keeps people from accomplishing their goals and dreams. Fear is what keeps us in our boxes.

I constantly see doom, gloom, warnings of destruction, wars, currency wars etc.

What you all don't know is we are all adding to the problem. We are doing the PTB job for them. All they want us to do is stay in constant fear. Because they know we will be in our boxes and do jack shit if we all stay in constant fear and bother not to do anything.

So next time you think about posting about another earthquake, disaster, war, distruction, dire warnings. Think about the constant fear people will be in, or remain in because you posted up that topic.

The only way we can all be free is to give up on fear. We all have to. We all need to seek hope, we need to seek love, we need to seek purity. We need to seek our dreams.

I think its about time all of us realise that. We have been slaves of fear for millions of years and I think its about time we claim our freedom.

We need to rise up and tell ourselves we are no longer afraid. We need to rise up and be couragous. We need to rise up, and take our set ourselves free.

So what are you waiting for. Put all your fears, and doubts in the trash, and go out there and be confident, be free.

Because we have all been begging to be ruled, we have all been begging to be slaves. Because we do not want to take responsibility of our own selves. We created this mess, and we all need to take responsibility and fix it. Face yourselfs, Face your fears, and over come it. It's the only way to be really free.

So the question is, do you really want to be free? Or do you want to be a slave?
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PostSun Oct 10, 2010 2:45 pm » by Illuminated

I agreed with this "People tend to wait until the shit hits the fan then does something. Fear keeps people from accomplishing their goals and dreams"

but the rest of it could be considered a psy-op piece 'give up, its all you, stop worrying about things, get on with Your life - be selfish, waste it dreaming about material things - 'goals' :top:

people have already been doing exactly what your article says ( u didn't write that) since the 60's - not caring , not wanting to get labled a tinfoil nut, not speaking out or drawing 'lines in the sand'.... and here we are :dunno:

anways your whole premise is so simplistic & WRONG..
'Fear + Doom + Gloom + Fear mongering = Slavery & its your fault reader'
gov sells, promotes, brainswashes via tv whatever more controlling, freedom stealing law or reg they want to pass. its only believed by the most ignorant of pro communist'esque zombies. leaving even the marginally fking informed 18year old in Fear over the Blaring & overt Slavery slowly being implemented unto them - globally.

We should all mass protest news stations!
Restoring Sanity and or Keeping Fear Alive! :wink:


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