Film of abduction taking place?

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 9:22 pm » by Littlegreys

giusdude for your information i have dyslexia
A journalist collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues. His or her work is acknowledged as journalism.the BBC are journalists with film cameras

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 9:26 pm » by Giusdude

littlegreys wrote:giusdude for your information i have dyslexia
A journalist collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues. His or her work is acknowledged as journalism.the BBC are journalists with film cameras

wow, you just went from being unable to write the name of a very known UFO researcher to writing all of that without a single mistake?
you smell more every passing second, dave
i mean littlegrays

lol, just having fun here.
just like you and your video.
so, who offered to buy it?
we have asked the same question about 30 times and you still cannot answer.
would that be because you are lying?????
as long as there's one idiot around wlling to believe bullshit, there will be a bullshitter

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:07 pm » by Cosmicdave

giusdude wrote:again with the bigfoot.....
you are an alien abduction specialist? based on what? where is YOUR proof of it? not saying those things have never happened. just saying we have to believe people's word about it.
yeah, i've been abducted evry day for the last 39 years too. just before dinnertime, i am taken to jupiter and then brought back. what? don't believe me? too bad.... nope, i have no proof. but i can swear it to you....
see where i'm going, dave?
so stop making stuff up, get in the car, go to ANY major tv studios in london, and camp in their office until someone pays attention to you.
and don't give me the "bbc won't touch it" crap.
maybe they won't, so you go to channel 4, or ITV, or Sky.... and if no english channel wants it, go to the london studios of CNN or NBC or even FOX.
just do something man.
unless, that is, your interest is to keep the buzz going until it's revealed this is all garbage.....

No, I am not an alien abduction specialist, but I do have a good source who has been abducted and is in fact the UK's most well know case. I got Bridget Grant involved with the investigation a couple of days in. She has worked with Budd Hopkins and so, please don't tell me that there would be many other people more qualified to advise Sonia about her experience!

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:10 pm » by Cosmicdave

crunchy wrote:
a sample vvf file ...... for people to try and convert
and here is a player that works and it can convert to avi (click the avi button)
ive just converted the above test file to avi .... im running windows 7 x64

the vvf player

avi conversion playing in mediaplayer classic

I have already tried this program and also VX4SL which is very similar. Neither of them work.

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:22 pm » by Cosmicdave

giusdude wrote:and dave,
if i were the OWNER of a website bent on "disclosing", and not just a simple member, i will be VERY careful about what arguments and/or cases i will make a stand for.
if you look like a fool once, twice, thrice.... people will eventually lose their trust in your judgement. ... 10331.html
do not take my word for it. i'm a nobody, just a guy with a laptop.
are those people qualified?
or do you think you know more than they do?
because, as you said, you only have a small amount of resources available.
you can't even get a piece of footage analized...

say it dave, say it:
the jerusalem thing was a hoax.
i fell for it like a fool.
say it.

Ahh nice find - but do you actually know who Benjamin Radford is? He is the editor of the Skeptical Enquirer. Perhaps you should go You Tube him because he also doesn't believe in psychic detectives and the chupacabras.

Hmmm, perhaps Mr Radford needs to check out my article (with pictures) of an investigation I did a few years ago (and once again which started within the same week as the sighting) and I also contacted the local newspaper reporter who visited the ranch. My investigation not only uncovered pictures of the creature, but also video footage.

Police officers and scientists were involved with the case. Are you saying that they aren't qualified too?

Of course he is going to say its fake - being a skeptic is his paid job :)

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:26 pm » by Cosmicdave

punjedi wrote:
cosmicdave wrote:And just another quick thought... perhaps the raw footage that I have in my possession was not formatted correctly by her machine? Remember that some DVD recorders require you to 'close the disc' so that it can be played on any other DVD player?

If that weren't done at the time that she burned the file, then no matter how many times you or I tried - the file will not be accessible.

It's statements like these that make me question your sincerity.

Interesting. Dave, when you close a DVR for the session, you only lock the ability to WRITE to that disc. You in NO way, shape, or form, ever lock the compressed video within.

In other words.

I can burn a dvd in...

Aiff, Svi, Dpx/cineon (8, 16, or digital). F4v, Flv, H.264, H.264 Blu Ray, Mpeg2, MPeg4, IFF/JPeg/Png/Tiff/Radiance/Sgi/Targa sequence, Wav, Wmv, and
lock the session when I am done.

Guess what? I can still take that DVD, put it in my system, and extract that data.

Only thing I can't do is write any more data to that disc because it is closed.

As far as conversion?

With just a few of the format options listed above, and add to that the myriad of codecs
available like Dv (24p- , DV NTSC, DV PAL, Intel IYUV, Uncompressed UYVY, V210 10-bit yuv, Xvid, Divx, On2 vp6, Sorenson, Planar, DVDPRO, and tons more and I would be willing to bet
it could be converted.

And all that from just one program!

So, you were saying?

Pity it doesn't do VVF format because that is the one we need. Also, unless you specifically format a disc on most modern DVD recorders, you CANNOT play them in other players.

Go look it up.

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:33 pm » by Cosmicdave

punjedi wrote:
spock wrote:Most of the confusion and even outright backlash and demeaning, comes from the fact that visual effects can be achieved with affordable desktop technology. Doesn't necessarily mean everything presented is a hoax, but does mean that 100% of the time the presenter will be thrashed not just concerning the presented material, but everything involving their character as well.

The debunkers do themselves and the entire field of research a disservice by acting in this manner.

I for 1 understand CosmicDaves position of feeling the validity of the experience by talking with the experiencer. That is typically the first part of an interrogation. And regardless of if the footage can be faked or not, does not undermine the possibility that if abductions are taking place, it could look something like this.

The only thing that becomes evident from arguing on a forum, are the lengths some will go to to convince themselves that they have convinced everyone they are right. Evidenced by the fact that if one steps in with opposition, they are attacked too.

I prefer the discussion scenario. No harm no foul by presenting both sides, without any onslaught.

Lovely sentiment. Too bad you didn't add a single useful thing to this thread other than your opinion. Funny that.

Thanks Spock. At least with my "opinions" I provide the counter-points as well.

At least when I am not so hot-to-trot in the mornings.

And at this point, from first glance something smelled fishy with this footage.

For instance, notice it isn't a smooth transition either in or out?

Sure, could be the methodology of whatever "transport" device being used, but there seems to be minute and fairly subtle hesitations as she vanishes.

On re-appearing, well, there is so much body motion and blanket activity it's difficult to tell what is actually happening.

So, now we have another tool out our disposal to scrutinize the video, and then we get complaints of "locked sessions"

I did read those threads that were posted, and it seemed like you got handed your hat.

Now, I won't say that the discussion wasn't an eye-opener and that I didn't learn a bunch from both sides of the argument, I did. Very good stuff.

However, you seem to carry the same tactic here. Put it out there, sit on it, and come back and respond.

I am not demeaning you, just calling your bluff in a sense.

You also mentioned the 3-hour long interview. Was that recorded? Any plans to release any snippets to the public?

The interview is what you see in the article. That is the information from our notes. My thoughts on the 'locked file' was just me thinking out loud. It doesn't mean that it is the case, just one of the conclusions that I am thinking is the reasons why I cannot open the raw footage.

Its funny how somebody can think their opinion is above all others when they haven't even spoken to the person who took the video.

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:38 pm » by Cosmicdave

towelie wrote:
cosmicdave wrote:As far as I am aware, I have answered all the questions that have been posed to me. I have not dodged questions or refused to answer them either.

Then could you name the Film companies that were "desperate" to get hold of this footage to make documentaries so they could make money from it..........Afew simple emails to those companies could varify or refute this claim.

At this present time no I'm not. Perhaps you will see her article in a UK UFO magazine next month which will prove my point that people are taking her story and footage and running with it without her approval.

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:42 pm » by Cosmicdave

giusdude wrote:
spock wrote:Not at all, I'm not saying take it at face value. Im saying to ask the questions that satisfy your curiosity, the outcome of that decision is yours. What tends to take place after that is the witch hunt, the need to force someone to admit they are a fraud, and in doing so, throw the baby out with the bath water.

but don't you see that the "witch hunt" is a direct conequence of NOT being able to prove one's claims and finding a bunch of easily dismissed excuses for it?
i mean, it's not like this guy is saying he has a naked pic of pamela anderson.
he's saying "looky here, aliens are taking this woman from her bed, i got it on tape".
of course we are going to ask questions. it's an EXTRAORDINARY claim and needs some solid, verifiable PROOF to back it.
otherwise it's just a pile of.... "nonsense".
i keep the baby with me, spock. the real baby.

but yeah, dave goes out with the bath water for now.
hell, i'll drink the bath water after i swim to the uk if this is real.

You say I cannot prove my claims. What claims have I made other than saying I have a piece of film footage sent into my website that appears to show an alien abduction?

Unless either you or I were actually in that bedroom at the time of the event - NOBODY can say what happened. I see what I 'think' happened, as do the rest of you.

I would hazard a guess that even when the film is analyzed and if the 'experts' say that it hasnt been tampered with - you still won't believe it - so its a no win situation.

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PostSat Apr 02, 2011 10:48 pm » by Amenstop

Yeah, this happened to me when I penitrated my blow up doll. WTF...Horrible video....Post the one of the CCTV and the guy throwing up outside the fence on the ground...Now thats an abuction video...Not Paris Hiltons mom going through sleep therapy with David Copperfields Private Parts.


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