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PostSat Sep 08, 2012 4:03 pm » by Switchtrip

TheDuck wrote:
Switchtrip wrote:For how bright that light seems, it dont light up its surroundings well, its pretty dark around it, just saying.

Puzzling one!

Yeah, I saw it at dusk and it didn't seem to light up the surrounding areas as far as I can tell.

This is one of those speculative things where opinions vary widely.

Looks crazy as f**k seeing it with your own eyes though, especially when it zips off at about 10,000 miles an hour...

Hello, yes i have seen too, I have seen a ball of light on more than one occasion shot off at a crazy speed and make a right angle turn, ive spoke about this before hear. I also have proof of one of my sightings as I took a picture of a ball of light traveling through the forest, which I have also shared here before, here it is again, this one lights up the sky.


So I definitely believe in these balls of light/orbs mate, seeing is believing!
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PostSat Sep 08, 2012 4:07 pm » by TheDuck

Those circles look real crappy lol

Its just the first pic that's interesting for me personally, its even the same bluey tinge... good for personal reference anyway. Meh.

@Switchtrip Yeah I've seen shed loads of those balls but only two of the Disk shaped luminescent things... the balls are comparatively small because these luminescent disks are about 30-40-50ft-ish

Are they related... Maybe. I dunno.

Still fascinating though. - Premium E-liquid

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PostSat Sep 15, 2012 11:50 pm » by Electriccity

fake as hell for one the picture of it afterwards looks horrible and nothing like the other ones. and 2 the first couple pictures with the light looks like he holding the cam under and round light and all u see is a glare from the light that looks like its sending a light beam toward the ground to create the circles when really its not even close to the ground. who ever made this vid step ya skills up


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